Sunday, August 14, 2011

Live and Learn

My life has been a cross between a Rock Star, a Porn Star and an Outlaw for the last year and a half now. Always will be an Outlaw I guess, I don't obey very well at all. haha Anyway life has been crazy and I have been ever crazier. I have traveled around some during this time and had a lot of fun trying to find myself I guess you could say. I finally have found me, right here where I have always really been, at home doing the things I love the most. Working in the garden, storing supplies, sorting thru all this junk here and putting things back in order is where my heart is. And here is where I plan to stay, for the next month or so anyhow. After a run in with the Law, I found myself on the wrong side of the bars for a few days, now they have me on Home Confinement for a 45 day stretch, about 34 more days to go I think. No need to lie or try to hide the fact, Yep, it was me, I did it. Like the song goes, I fought the law and the law won. It's ok tho, I like it here anyway, beats the hell outta jail any day. That's just what happens when ya get drunk and stupid at the same time....a drunk fighting with 2 cops never ends well. Trust me on that one.

But, I am still alive and doing pretty good. I have my head on right for the first time in a long time. I am more than ready to get back to the life I know and the one that is for me. I have much to do as far as my preps are concerned, I have most of what I need I just need to get things in order once again. I have been down a very long and dangerous road and I glad to see that this time it has led me back home, safe and somewhat sound. I thank the big man up above for keeping me alive and giving me the best friends anyone could ever ask for.

Tomorrow I will have a post concerning EDC's (Ever Day Carry). Join me if you would, love to hear from you.

This is Bullseye...OUT !!!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

I'm back with a VENGEANCE !!

I am re dedicating my self to this blog for several reasons.

1. Our economic situation is as bad as it gets. Hard times are ahead for many people in this world. Yes, the whole world. When the American dollar is worthless the rest of the worlds money will follow. We are headed down a dead end road and there is no turning back this time. It's too late.

2. The 2012 scare hasn't even begun to take shape yet, but you just watch, it will. As that date edges closer more and more people are going to panic (maybe for no reason). All I know is that a date has been set and that's all it takes for people to panic and panic they will. I have no idea if any thing major will happen or not but as long as people think that something will that very thought will fuel their fear. People will "make" something major happen on or near that date that will change our world I'm sure.

These are the 2 main reasons I am back here. Hopefully to share ideas with all of you and hear your input. There has never in history been a time when preparation has been more important in my opinion.

I will have a brand new post up tomorrow evening I promise. If any of my readers are still out there...I've missed you all and hope all is well. I have been fighting my own demons now for sometime and I am about to get the upper hand on them now.

This is Bullseye

OUT !!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

ALIVE !!!!

Just a note to all to say that I am still alive. Ran into some domestic problems that caused a leave of absence for sometime but I am back and all is pretty well. Been out of town (and state) since the first part of Jan. and I am trying to get caught up on things around the homestead. Sorry to have left everyone hanging so to speak. Internet has been limited. Trying to get my life back on track. See ya all soon.

This is Bullseye... OUT !!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Great Read

Can't get the link to work but PLEASE read the post at Home on the Range Blog. You can find the link on my sidebar. Brigid really hit the nail on the head with this.

This is Bullseye... OUT !!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving to all you Turkeys out there. LOL

Been working the last 2 days and heading to WV tomorrow to spend a few days with my oldest daughter and my parents for the holidays. You guys and gals have a great Thanksgiving and I'll see ya soon.

Part 2 of the Groups post is coming this weekend so please stay tuned.

This is Bullseye... OUT !!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

To Group or Not to Group, That seems to be the question. Part 1

In my last post I directed you to read a post at the Staying Alive blog. The post was about the importance of the Clan or a Group for survival. This is a hot topic all over the net so do some research if you are interested in finding out more information. There's plenty out there. Some were a little concerned that a group may NOT be for them, that's fine, do what makes you feel secure.

I think people have a lot of different ideas about what a group is or should be. Not saying that any of your ideas are wrong but I am going to give you a description of what my ideal group would be and it's purpose.

First and foremost we all know that there is strength in numbers, in bad situations that is even more relevant. Together we can pool our resources, our talents, our strengths. The more eyes and ears that are on call the more secure you and your group will be. It takes at least 3 people just to be able to provide some security, one on watch, one on work and one on rest. Any less than that and you have stretched yourself too thin. (Again, my opinion) Even the lone wolf finds security and strength within the pack. To survive and to THRIVE is what I am most interested in, not just to be alive but to LIVE.

Then who is in this group may be your next question. Well, that's up to you. I would choose family first, friends second and others that you meet along the way as last. Skills are very important to your survival. Does any of your family members even know how to handle a gun? That is a skill that must be taught to any and all that you consider as part of your group. Do any know how to raise and preserve food, gotta have that skill too if you are going to thrive. Can you get along with these people? Probably not, at times. Stress will cause many to have their differences but you can and should all be willing to work past these. Do any of your family members, or potential group members, have any food, ammo or weapons that they can bring to your group? These are crucial to your survival and theirs.

I would like to have a group of no more than 10 armed and skilled adults, no less than 6. By Military standards the ratio of 3 to 1 is excepted in a tactical raid mission. 3 good guys to 1 bad guy and that is trial and error, you can bet on that. There are no 1 man missions in the military, even the lone sniper (as he is often though to be) is never alone. He has his spotter to assist him at all times. Watching for the mark, checking and re checking distance, wind direction, obstacles and guarding the "lone" sniper while he performs his task. I use the military standard because hey, these folks are pretty good at killing people and have trained well for it. I trust their judgement on tactical training probably 90% of the time. I'm not saying that you must form an army or even have members of the military, active of non active, in your group. There is no need to re invent the wheel here, what they do works, imitate it and practice it and you will see similar success.

The above only concentrates on your security, your ability to stay alive and protect yourself and your family with a group. Part 2 will consider the added benefits of having others to help with all the other tasks that go along with Long Term Survival. Stay tuned...

This concludes Part 1

Your comments, for or against groups, are always welcome. I look forward to hearing from you. I hope we can learn together as to what is right and what is not in forming survival groups. I for one am 100% pro group.

This is Bullseye... OUT !!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Great Post at Staying Alive

Michael Boone has done it once again, touched me with another post. He does that often. He has a great post up talking about the importance of the clan or survival groups. Check him out and tell him Bullseye sent you his way.

Stay Alive

This is Bullseye... OUT !!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Canning pinto beans

Now the first question I get asked when I tell people that I can pinto beans is "why do you can dry beans". OK, here's my reasoning behind it.

1. That way I always know just how many meals I have on hand. 1 qt. of beans is plenty for a family of 4.

2. They are "heat and eat meals". You could eat them cold if you wish, I know many people that enjoy cold pinto beans, I'm not one of them.

3. If I had to I could heat them in the mason jars that they are in. Glass is as good a cooking container as you will find. In an emergency that glass jar may provide many uses. I can also use this glass mason jar over and over.

So, that's why I do it. Plus we love them and eat them often. This way we can just grab a qt from the storage room and heat them up. No all day soaking and cooking them, just heat and eat. It makes what would normally take a few hours of cooking into a few minutes. It's convenient. Also they travel well, you can take them with you just about anywhere and have a good meal just minutes away. Maybe be good for barter in the future too.

The way I do it.

Rinse your beans and then let soak over night. ( 12 hours ) Store in a cool place during this time.

Remove beans from the water and replace with fresh water to cook them at medium heat for 30 minutes.

Place hot beans in hot qt. jars leaving an inch of head space in the jar. Add 1 teaspoon of table salt. (Optional) Remove any air bubbles.

Adjust 2 piece ring and lid and place in a pressure caner at 10 lbs for 90 minutes.

You're done !!

Label and store and be ready to enjoy them good ol' pinto beans ( we call 'em soup beans ) anytime you wish. I am going to can some tomorrow and will try to post some pics tomorrow night. I love to can and hey, it's prepping too. My 2 favorite things all in one. Gotta love it.

This is Bullseye... OUT !!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Fuel Storage

I always try to keep extra fuel on hand, gasoline that is. As preppers we always try to get the best deal on things that we need and use on a regular basis. Do we not all use gasoline on a regular basis, like nearly everyday ?? That is why I store fuel, I use a lot of it. I have 8, 5 gallon gas cans, the plastic ones, that I keep my fuel in. I rotate this by adding them to my Jeep when I get below 3/4's of a tank. When I go to town I fill the cans back up, rotating them as I do this so I always have fresh gas.

Like I said, I have 8 of these, that's 40 gallons on hand just about all the time. This allows me to have fuel when the price goes up for a few days for NO reason. Once it comes back down I fill what cans I have used. Plus, in the event of a power outage I STILL HAVE FUEL. Last year in Kentucky there were some ice storms that left many without power for weeks, the gas stations too. It didn't happen where I live but west of me just a few hours drive. Some of those folks where in a world of hurt for fuel. So it's just a safe bet to keep some extra on hand.

I have bought all of my gas cans used at yard sales and the flea market. I usually pay around 5 bucks for them, new they are around 12 to 15 dollars. I am always on the lookout for more of them, watching at any yard sale that I see. I hope to get more, would like to be able to keep 100 gallons on hand. I store these in my outside storage building out of the weather and the sun. Gasoline will keep just fine with no additives for a good while. If you plan to keep it long term I would recommend adding some stabilizer. The 5 gal cans work great for me because they are fairly easy to handle and I don't need any pump of any kind to get the fuel from the can to my tank. The large 55 gallon barrels would require some kind of pump to get your fuel. The 5 gal cans are easy to handle, just grab 1 or 5 out of the building when you are heading to town or when the gas prices are more to your liking and fill them up.

We store other things we need, why not fuel too ? I buy when the price is lower and this saves me money. I hardly ever carry extra fuel with me because I am never far from home. Even when I visit my family in WV it's only less than half a tank in my Jeep from here to there. I never get under 3/4's of a tank so I always have enough fuel to get home now matter what. I stop along the way where I see the lowest price on fuel and keep my tank topped off. I feel that we as preppers should all have SOME fuel stored. It would be a shame for your bug out plan to hit the dirt because you where 2 gallons short of your destination. Ya'll think about that and let me know what you fuel storage plan is. I know my plan's not perfect but in this case some is better than none.

This is Bullseye... OUT !!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009


We have had the nicest weather anyone could ask for for over a week now and I have been a busy little beaver. Working outside getting things in order.

That's what preppers strive for, to have things they need and to have them in order. I have always said that if you can't find it, you don't have it. In an emergency situation it is critical to be able to find the things you need when you need them. One must keep all their preps in order at all times just in case. I love doing this, keeping things in order. I makes my life seem more complete, full and.....well, orderly. I like for things to be in their place.

Most of yesterday was spent cleaning the vehicles, both hers and mine. I feel that it is important to keep your vehicles clean and orderly as well as your other preps. You car is a prep too and never forget that. "BOV" ?? Bug Out Vehicle ! If I have to resort to that I want to be able to get inside with out fighting off the Wal Mart bags and such. I keep my Jeep pretty well in order most of the time but still, sometimes things get piled up inside. I took advantage of the nice weather to vacuum both vehicles and shampoo the carpets, just makes everything look and smell nice. Hers got a good bath and all the fluids checked and topped off. The Jeep, well, all fluids topped off and the bath will have to wait. I will be back in the log woods again tomorrow and a wash job would be in vain right now. It's not that bad anyway, never is but I will get to it soon. I like to keep my vehicles in top condition at all times. They are a big investment and I will take care of that investment as best I can.

Other items of order for the day, stacked more of the firewood that I have been splitting all week, washed and serviced my 4 wheeler and cleaned out or at least straightened up my storage building. I can get the 4 wheeler in there now anyway. Couldn't before. LOL Still much to be done, my work bench is a mess, things scattered everywhere on it, tools out of place....I don't like that at all. That is tomorrows project, to work on my bench and get my tools in order and cleaned or oiled whatever they may call for.

I had plans to rework the food storage room a few weekends ago but decided to wait for a bit. It's too nice and there is just too much to do outside right now, it can wait til the long dark days and nights of winter. The food is in there and I know where it all is but I would still like to get it in order. Inventory all the items and see where I stand, it's an ongoing project and one that I love. Lists of preps and or needs are an everyday thing for me. I MUST KNOW either what I have or what I need and that is the only way I have found to do so, to have order.

Maybe in some strange way it helps to put a little more order in my life, something which seems to be's complicated but it works. Either way, order must be restored at the Compound and I intend to do just that. Next on my list is medical preps, I know I am lacking and plan to get those in order as soon as possible.

So guys and gals, take advantage of your time and get your lives and your preps in order. Ya gotta be able to find it if yer gonna use it. Ever look for a flashlight in the dark ?? I have and will not have to look again. I know where mine you ??

This is Bullseye... OUT !!!