Sunday, November 15, 2009


We have had the nicest weather anyone could ask for for over a week now and I have been a busy little beaver. Working outside getting things in order.

That's what preppers strive for, to have things they need and to have them in order. I have always said that if you can't find it, you don't have it. In an emergency situation it is critical to be able to find the things you need when you need them. One must keep all their preps in order at all times just in case. I love doing this, keeping things in order. I makes my life seem more complete, full and.....well, orderly. I like for things to be in their place.

Most of yesterday was spent cleaning the vehicles, both hers and mine. I feel that it is important to keep your vehicles clean and orderly as well as your other preps. You car is a prep too and never forget that. "BOV" ?? Bug Out Vehicle ! If I have to resort to that I want to be able to get inside with out fighting off the Wal Mart bags and such. I keep my Jeep pretty well in order most of the time but still, sometimes things get piled up inside. I took advantage of the nice weather to vacuum both vehicles and shampoo the carpets, just makes everything look and smell nice. Hers got a good bath and all the fluids checked and topped off. The Jeep, well, all fluids topped off and the bath will have to wait. I will be back in the log woods again tomorrow and a wash job would be in vain right now. It's not that bad anyway, never is but I will get to it soon. I like to keep my vehicles in top condition at all times. They are a big investment and I will take care of that investment as best I can.

Other items of order for the day, stacked more of the firewood that I have been splitting all week, washed and serviced my 4 wheeler and cleaned out or at least straightened up my storage building. I can get the 4 wheeler in there now anyway. Couldn't before. LOL Still much to be done, my work bench is a mess, things scattered everywhere on it, tools out of place....I don't like that at all. That is tomorrows project, to work on my bench and get my tools in order and cleaned or oiled whatever they may call for.

I had plans to rework the food storage room a few weekends ago but decided to wait for a bit. It's too nice and there is just too much to do outside right now, it can wait til the long dark days and nights of winter. The food is in there and I know where it all is but I would still like to get it in order. Inventory all the items and see where I stand, it's an ongoing project and one that I love. Lists of preps and or needs are an everyday thing for me. I MUST KNOW either what I have or what I need and that is the only way I have found to do so, to have order.

Maybe in some strange way it helps to put a little more order in my life, something which seems to be's complicated but it works. Either way, order must be restored at the Compound and I intend to do just that. Next on my list is medical preps, I know I am lacking and plan to get those in order as soon as possible.

So guys and gals, take advantage of your time and get your lives and your preps in order. Ya gotta be able to find it if yer gonna use it. Ever look for a flashlight in the dark ?? I have and will not have to look again. I know where mine you ??

This is Bullseye... OUT !!!


Felinae said...

Hi Bullseye,

Great weather is always a plus, isn't it? :)

Order is a good thing, I like it myself. I have been accused of being borderline OCD because of it. I'm not(I don't think)but some people think I am.

I'm glad you've had some good productive days. :)

To answer your question, yes I know where the flashlights and the candles are. Can I find them in the dark, you betcha. ;)

Have a great evening!

Bullseye said...

Felinae, yes, the weather is great, I love it.

I am a little OCD I guess....OK, a lot. hehe

Been a good weekend and I am glad you can find the flashlights and the candles. Good for you, you are far ahead of most.

Thanks my friend.

HermitJim said...

I guess that one bad thing about living by that I do have a tendency to look more disorganized than I really am!

Seems like the things around here just get a little more messy than if there were more than me and the roomies!

On the other hand, being alone means less to get out of place!

Thanks for the reminder to get things back in order!

Bitmap said...

That hits home. In some ways I am so out of order. I have tools and sometimes can't find them when I want them. Too much stuff I guess. We are planning a major cleanup of our home so that should help.

Anonymous said...

Well when my place gets messed up it cleans up very fast. Everything is within a 10 foot reach. lol

Flashlight always in my pocket. ITL-15 ( Works great for me. Around $39.00 I think. Suffering from CRS.

See Ya

Pete Smith said...

Still working on my shop and getting things in order. I'm about 75% of the way there. And I need to check my canned food to see what I have used over the summer.

Northwoods said...

To look at my stuff you'd think I ordered a direct hit from a RPG!
Ya shamed me Bulls'..
Guess I got some work to do!

Bullseye said...

Uncle Jim, as long as you know where your things are you are just fine. It's those of us that can't find it that are usually in trouble. As alawys my friend, thanks for coming by.

Bitmap, same problem here my friend, too much useless stuff. A good clean out would do most of us good. Thanks for the visit buddy.

Tony, sounds like you got it whipped man, good for your. And the CRS, Can't Remember Shit...I have a bad case of that too.

Pete, good for you man, you're getting there. You have to start before you can finish so you are on the right track for sure. Good luck with the canned goods too, got to keep up on that stuff or you can get low and not even know it. Thanks for the visit man, good to have ya.

Northwoods, sorry to shame ya brother. BUT, if it helps you get in order then we are all the best for it. Good luck and let us know how it goes for you. I love to hear of other preppers activities.

Thank you all for coming over to read this post. I hope is serves as a reminder to us all to KEEP things in Order.

Anonymous said...

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