Sunday, November 22, 2009

To Group or Not to Group, That seems to be the question. Part 1

In my last post I directed you to read a post at the Staying Alive blog. The post was about the importance of the Clan or a Group for survival. This is a hot topic all over the net so do some research if you are interested in finding out more information. There's plenty out there. Some were a little concerned that a group may NOT be for them, that's fine, do what makes you feel secure.

I think people have a lot of different ideas about what a group is or should be. Not saying that any of your ideas are wrong but I am going to give you a description of what my ideal group would be and it's purpose.

First and foremost we all know that there is strength in numbers, in bad situations that is even more relevant. Together we can pool our resources, our talents, our strengths. The more eyes and ears that are on call the more secure you and your group will be. It takes at least 3 people just to be able to provide some security, one on watch, one on work and one on rest. Any less than that and you have stretched yourself too thin. (Again, my opinion) Even the lone wolf finds security and strength within the pack. To survive and to THRIVE is what I am most interested in, not just to be alive but to LIVE.

Then who is in this group may be your next question. Well, that's up to you. I would choose family first, friends second and others that you meet along the way as last. Skills are very important to your survival. Does any of your family members even know how to handle a gun? That is a skill that must be taught to any and all that you consider as part of your group. Do any know how to raise and preserve food, gotta have that skill too if you are going to thrive. Can you get along with these people? Probably not, at times. Stress will cause many to have their differences but you can and should all be willing to work past these. Do any of your family members, or potential group members, have any food, ammo or weapons that they can bring to your group? These are crucial to your survival and theirs.

I would like to have a group of no more than 10 armed and skilled adults, no less than 6. By Military standards the ratio of 3 to 1 is excepted in a tactical raid mission. 3 good guys to 1 bad guy and that is trial and error, you can bet on that. There are no 1 man missions in the military, even the lone sniper (as he is often though to be) is never alone. He has his spotter to assist him at all times. Watching for the mark, checking and re checking distance, wind direction, obstacles and guarding the "lone" sniper while he performs his task. I use the military standard because hey, these folks are pretty good at killing people and have trained well for it. I trust their judgement on tactical training probably 90% of the time. I'm not saying that you must form an army or even have members of the military, active of non active, in your group. There is no need to re invent the wheel here, what they do works, imitate it and practice it and you will see similar success.

The above only concentrates on your security, your ability to stay alive and protect yourself and your family with a group. Part 2 will consider the added benefits of having others to help with all the other tasks that go along with Long Term Survival. Stay tuned...

This concludes Part 1

Your comments, for or against groups, are always welcome. I look forward to hearing from you. I hope we can learn together as to what is right and what is not in forming survival groups. I for one am 100% pro group.

This is Bullseye... OUT !!!


Northwoods said...

There is alot to be said in favor of groups.
There is indeed strength in numbers however, that strength is only as strong as it's weakest link.
If a strong link needs to put themself in jeopardy to "hold up" the slack of a weaker one...your chain will soon be BROKEN!
Of cource in a group you'd want family first. What's important is WTSHTF they can adapt to assignments and if they can't, then they're just sucking everyone else's air and they need to at least stay the hell out of the way (gotta love family)!
I have many that are first now awakening and figure they'll just come to my place WTSHTF!
I tell them, "Well at least bring some toilet paper so you can wipe your own ass when the lead starts flyin'"..
Don't it suck that insite is not hereditary??
Hang in there Buddy!

Anonymous said...

My thoughts to. Family comes first, but most of mine are not prepared. So I'll do my best with them when the SHTF. Have enough preps for myself, now have to prep for them. Hope I last long enough.

See Ya

Anonymous said...

I've been kicking this around a while....of course,my family come's first.My brother in law and ex wife are on board,beyond that?.. I thought the main issue was to lay low,be "stealthy".Hard to do with 20 people.The more people,the more room you need,the more garden or firewood,so on,so on.
Dean in az

Ken said...

...i guess i'm 'for' the group...'select family' first,of course...that being said,it will not be a difficult choice...i have came to the conclusion(not recently,mind you)of the high probability of the first casualties,to fall from my hand when TSHTF,will be 'family'...

Blood relation does not automatically include you in My plan,equally believed is that blood relation does not dictate whom is my 'family'...

Humble wife said...

Bullseye- this post made me think long and when I gathered my thoughts I decided to post about it too, on New Mexico Preppers!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Bullseye said...

Woods, I agree with you buddy. It's gonna be harder than most will want to believe but it IS coming. Like it or not dark days for us are on the way. When the dollar tanks this world and the civil people we know are gonna change. Thanks for your insite brother.

Did It My Way, very few of my family are prepared. That's why I do so much more, to make sure I have enough to go around. It's a shame that others are going to LET themselves depend on others rather than man up. Hang in there brother, we are all in this one together.

Dean, Stealth is of course a priorty now and then. Keep in mind that along with needing extra garden, firewood and so on, you will have others to help with that. They can also provide security while members of the group can perform these task without fear.

Ken, "Blood relation does not automatically include you in My plan,equally believed is that blood relation does not dictate whom is my 'family'..." God I love that statement. Once people see that the bed of roses is now gone and one must have security they will open their eyes wide then and see that life as we know it is gone. Thanks brother, come to my group anytime, open invite.

Humble Wife, I'm glad you got your thinking cap on, we all need to. Times are going to be tough and we will need to band together. Heading to read your post now.

Happy Thanksgiving to all. Stay Safe.

Survival Chic said...

We have never been without a group or clan... even now we have church or organizations, or community groups. The issue in a crisis situation is just getting through it... the issue long term is organization and delegation... I believe there will be those that try to go it alone. But in my area some of the existing organizations will be what gets us through this next "depression/recession" phase. Our community colleges are doing retraining. Our churches are backing up the food banks. Our Farm association (that I am part of) is ALL ABOUT getting the county and teaching individual to be self sustaining. I vote for groups...

Bullseye said...

Survival Chic, I am happy to know you are part, and an active one too, of a group. I never really thought about the church members as "group" but they sure are and one that will look out for its members. I like it, a lot. Thank you so much for your comment, it's good to have ideas from everyone.

Thanks again.

cj428 said...

There aren't to many groups that are willing to take on A semi disabled 56yo even if he comes with over 1 1/2 tons of preps and A pension. If anyone needs someone to babysit their retreat, or? contact me @

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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