Sunday, April 26, 2009

Defending my HOMELAND !!!!!

If the gov feels a need to Secure and Defend their homeland then you can bet your ASS I feel the need to Defend MINE from THEM !! I stand ready at all times for unwarranted invasion from terrorist, both foreign and domestic. I really feel the threat from the domestic terrorists rather than foreign to be the biggest threat I face. You know, that's just sad as hell. I was born and raised in this country and after 42 years I still see them as my most dangerous enemy. Is it that I have done something wrong or immoral ?? NO, it's that they have. This gov has worked night and day to find ways to take my GOD given rights and I'll be damned if I am going to sit in front of the TV absorbing their Bullshit night and day while it goes on. I stand READY !!! They will take nothing from me without a fight !! I stand READY !!!

Defending my Homeland

I stand READY !!!

Upon entering Camp Bullseye you will be greeted by an armed guard (aka Bullseye). If you are a friend or family you will be permitted to pass and your safety guaranteed as long as you are a guest here. If you are not found to be a friend or family, but foe, you will be dealt with accordingly. I never look for a fight but I am always ready if need be. I always have my side arm and many times late of the evening or during times of alert you will find me with my carbine too. Always remember, friends and family are welcome. Others, well......... they'll get the picture.

This picture was taken this evening just before border patrol. I enjoy walking the perimeter each evening making sure it is secure.

This is Bullseye...OUT !!!


Anonymous said...

You sound like a really good nieghbor. This country needs more like you. Wish you were near me!

Anonymous said...

DH does the perimeter check with the dog, twice. Once at dusk, and again at full dark. The dog can sense more than him.

We live pretty far out, but there've been break-ins about 5 miles down the road.

Just good security. Keep it up.

HermitJim said...

Glad your on my side, Bullseye! Ever vigilant!

Good pic, my man!

Northwoods said...

I'm with Ya Bullseye,

I consider my land sovereign from the government we now have.

Here we proudly fly the flag of the United States of America and will proudly die for the republic for which it...once stood!

Our enemys are no longer foreign but are apt to be some jack booted brain washed bastards that never read the constitution.

It is sad indeed!

Three percent did it before and we can do it again!

God bless our constitution!


Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Man, naught but a BIG SMILE for the camp, Brother...

It is sad that the Domestics are the ones more in need of vigilance than the foreign...but, as Rod says, it is what it is.




Catman said...

Not what I pictured, Bullseye. Since everyone seems to be putting up photos of themselves, I may do the same.

erniesjourney said...

SWWWWEEEETTT! Glad you are my buddy Bull!LOL!

With the gov declaring a state of emergency yesterday a.m. we may be forced to stand firm sooner than later. Be ready!!!

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

And I echo Cat-- not what I envisioned as Bulls...

All in a GOOD way-- I kinda figgered you as old as me! har!

Looking good, man; lookin' Grand...

Bullseye said...

Anon 8:03, Thank you much. Wish we lived closer too, I need all the help I can get.

Anon 8:24, I have a Black Lab, Smokey, that makes the run with me every evening. He likes it as much as I do. Thank you.

Uncle jim, Glad to have you on my side too brother. Thanks a bunch.

Northwoods, you sound like my kind of neighbor. We need more like that in this country. Keep up the great work and we WILL keep our Republic! Thanks for the visit and come back.

Cygnus, Happy to have you by my side as well brother. I got your back and I know you got mine. Thank you always.

Catman, that's not really me man. I'm like 6'7 and 450 lbs. LOL Ok so you got there, it's me. I don't mind putting up a pic. The NWO probably passes one around every morning anyway. They got the one from my drivers license and they issued me a number at birth like all the rest. I'm no secret to them. Thanks for coming over my friend.

Big E, I knew you were gonna like this. lol Hey all I can say is that I am ready for them. Bring it. Thanks for coming over to check out my bullshit.

Worn Out said...

Nice to put a face with the posts. Great post! Between us and the dogs we are pretty secure and we don't have that big of an area.

Humble wife said...

Bullseye- I confess like some others that commented that I thought you were older! LOL
42 is a fantastic age, and in June I plan to be that for a year!!
Have a great week

TEAM HALL said...

You ARE a bad ass, afterall!! Looking gooooooooood!! And I thought your handgun pic was hot! hehehe

Did it MY way said...

Any land next to you for sale? I could move.

Felinae said...

I have to completely and totally agree with Team Hall on this one Bullseye. ;)

Have a great day!


TEAM HALL said...

Got a million dollar prepper guys should do a weapons-ready beefcake calendar! Ooooooh yeah!!! I'd buy it! hehehe
Start with Catman and Cygnus...I bet the Hermit still has some get-up-n-go left in him!! Eh?

Bullseye said...

Worn Out, thanks and a dog makes a great border patrol. They can smell danger. Thanks for the visit and I hope you come back often.

Jennifer, not too old I don't guess then but I will be 42 in July. I fudged a little on the age. LOL Thanks for coming over and please come back.

Team Hall, you are too funny. And I love the Beef Cake idea. LMAO Can I be the center fold ?? LMAO yet again !! Thanks for stopping by friend, love hearing from ya.

Did it my way, not sure about land for sale but I'd love to have you for a neighbor. Love to have lots of neighbors that want to defend the Homeland. Please come back.

Felinea, thanks so much. You are a funny cat too. lol Come back anytime.

Trini Airguns said...

Please don't shoot the friendly Caribbean bloggers! Thanks for dropping by my blog a few weeks ago and leaving encouraging comments. I'm just returning the good turn.

Firearms are not easy to own and keep here in the Caribbean; at least, not legally. So we do what we can with airguns. Even that requires registration, but it's a start. Both my wife and I can repel an intruder or two, or, at very least, keep them at bay for days on end. How I envy the ease with which you guys can legally stockpile guns and ammo.

The very best to you and Mrs Bullseye, in these trying times.

Keep patrolling the perimeter


Bullseye said...

Trini Airguns, you are safe here my brother. Fellow preppers are always welcome anytime and it's good to have you visit. I have read a lot about the power of airguns and I must say they are something for us all to consider. Not really your dads BB gun anymore. Some good airguns aout there. Stay safe and thanks for the comment. Please come back often.

erniesjourney said...

May head your way Bull sometime in the future - power in numbers!! And, yes, lets do a preppers calendar!

Bullseye said...

Big E, bring it on and get your order in early for the Beefcake calanders. LMAO

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Um, honored to be nominated there, team Hall; Esteemed company, indeed!lol!
Uh, given my feathery disposition, amongst other factors, I'll be posing with a super-soaker... but it'll be LOADED, I can guarantee that!

THANKS for the laugh, folks!!