Monday, June 8, 2009

This and That

Finally got a chance to zero in the scope and the Marlin 60. Didn't take very long at all. My target was set at 75 yards and I shoot in groups of three when I'm trying to site in a new scope. Three shots and then I take a walk up to the target to see what's going on. I could use Binoculars I suppose but I need the exercise and it gives me time to relax a little too. First three were about 1 1/2 foot low and about 6 inches to the left. All three were very close, inside of about 2 inches of each other. After a few more groups I was able to fine tune the scope and get her just right. All shots now are within a 2 inch circle at 75 yards. I'm ok with that.

Still not got the Hi Point 995 back into action just yet. Not really took the time to get the new clip release on order, may do that tonight. So no target practice with that one yet. Be nice to play with the red dot laser a bit. Need to get back on that project. I'll keep you updated.

In other news, I had to go to town today ( I hate that ). Neighbor ran out of fuel right in the middle of the road. A grown man ran out of gas and he had money, just" didn't notice" he said. Can you believe that? I never let any of mine get under 3/4's of a tank and this guys runs out! Anyhow, he called and ask me to bring him some gas so, I did. Got him fueled up and sent him on his way. While I'm in town I might as well make it a useful trip for me too, ya know. Picked up more lids and rings for my caning jars. Probably should try to do that each time I go to town really. You will need them in the future and, always thinking of future barter items, I will be getting more.

Keeping an eye on WHO these last few days too. They seem hell bent on raising this "pandemic" level to 6. I have no reason why but feel that there is more to it than we will ever know. Level 6 would give just what they want, more control. Martial law, quarantine, restricted travel.........the list goes on and on. That is what this "epidemic" is all about, control. I'm not saying that there is not a threat of a flu type virus, there's always a threat. So stay prepared as best you think you need to for this. I have plenty of goodies in my preps if this becomes a real, in your backyard kinda threat and you should too. Always try to stay ahead of the game on these things. Buy what you think you will need, this applies to any and all of your preps. Wait til the threat is knocking on your door and then try to get your preps and you will most likely find empty shelves. You have been warned by me and thousands of others so, it's your move.

Anyway, keep on gathering those Beans, Bullets and Band Aids, you're gonna need 'em soon. Oh yea, enter the First Aid Kit Giveway everyday for a chance to win. Link is to the right.

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This is Bullseye...OUT !!!


Anonymous said...

I'm not really concerned about swine flu..yet! I go to mexico every 6 week's or so,no concern to me.Every time I go,I do pick up some none prescription med's!Cheaper than a co pay here.If your on vacation,or planning a trip there anyway,get med's!!
Dean in az

Bitmap said...

That .22 sounds like a serious winner.

I don't know what to say about the flu except to quote Rahm Emanual:

"You never want to let a good crisis go to waste."

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

You and catman-- picking locks, 2-inch grouping of gunshots... and here I loll in a park with a drum! lol!
Ah well... it's a tough life, but somebody gots to be the clown...

Thanks , Bro...

Catman said...

I have a co-worker. You can not imagine how many times he has run out of fuel, or locked himself out of his truck, so yes, I can believe your neighbor.


We just need to find someone to play the fife, and carry the Colors, and we'll be set.

Anonymous said...

Glad you hear you got that scope zeroed in. Keep us updated on the 995!

Kentucky Preppers Network

Bullseye said...

Dean in AZ, You go to Mexico every six weeks and you are not concerned at all?? Man, you got nerves of steel then. Scary stuff if you ask me buddy. Pretty cool you get your meds on the cheap tho, good deal. Thanks.

Bitmap, the Marlin 60 is a keeper buddy, love it even more now. And yep, it's a crisis and they are going to use it to their advantage too, you can bet on that one. Thanks buddy.

Cygnus, then beat the hell outta that drum man, it may scare them away before we have to shoot or pick their locks. LOL Good to hear from you man. Thanks Brother.

Catman, I'm NOT GOING TO RUN OUT OF GAS ANYMORE !! Done that shit when I was a boy and don't want anything to do with it now man. I keep mine topped off at all times, never under 3/4's, ever. LOL, thank man. Good chatting with you and that best half last night, look forward to more soon. Coming to KY soon ???????

Matt, thanks and I promise you will be the first to know buddy. Now that I think about you are always the first to know. LOL We chat all day long for those that don't know.

Mayberry said...

Pig flu is a manufactured "threat", like you said, designed to grab more control. Or perhaps was a "test run".....

Felinae said...

" Good chatting with you and that best half last night, look forward to more soon. Coming to KY soon ???????"

Hey, Bullseye, it was good chatting with you as well. Looking forward to doing it again too. :D Ky? not soon enough for me.

Have a great day, my friend.


erniesjourney said...

Good job Bull sighting your scope in - funny, we did that yesterday too! I actually was allowed to fire the new 30-30 with the scope - it was a moment of pure bliss for sure!

The WHO just won't shut up - worse than a nagging husband! LOL!

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

OH!!! And here Lady Felinae was telling me you were ready to shoot the Sacred fool, to Kill the Court Jester!

BAD KITTY, Lady F...



[I'd roll on the floor, but.. you know... don't wanna get shot at and missed, [lady-cat-]shit at and hit!!!!!


Good to be alive again, bro...

Bullseye said...

Mayberry, you got it brother.

Felinae, thanks and you are always welcome here at my compound, Catman too. Be talking to you soon.

Big E, I can just see you with that 30-30 now. LOL, I know you loved it, good for you. Watch your 6 out there you two.

Cygnus, good to see that humor brother, we need so much more of that man, thanks bro.