Sunday, June 7, 2009

Guest Post by "Dean in AZ"

Hi everyone! I'd like to thank Bullseye for allowing me to ramble on for a while! Today,I read an article on NPR about how early civilization's educated themselves,and each other.Obviously,back in the stone age or later,a lot of it was trial and error.Or blind luck,whatever,it got them by! The concept was,if you took a random group of 20 people,and asked who could play the guitar,maybe 1 person could do a few chord's.Of the other 20,maybe 2 or 3 had the dexterity and ability to learn those chord's,so the skill could be passed on thru the next generation. If you had a group of 200,then 10 people could play,with varied skill level and style,with 20 or 30 people talented enough to learn.So what's this got to do with the end of the world? EVERYTHING!!!!
We all can't know everything we'd like to know.Skill is not knowledge,it's a practiced art.I could tell you how to weld,run a machine,replace a camshaft,but,until you have done it,it's just knowledge.Once you've done it a dozen time's,it's a skill.When you can do it blindfolded in the dark with your teeth,that's talent!
So what is my point here?(I'm still wondering). From what I understand of the NPR article,skill's were handed down thru generation's,who added new idea's to the knowledge they had already learned from elders.Kind of like the early idea of an apprentice program.Great concept,it weed's out the one's that have talent or not.
Since we all can't know everything we'll ever need to know,whether it be medicine,auto mechanic's,animal husbandry,whatever,we have to cooperate.Anyone can dig a hole,shove in a seed,water and weed it and wait.If you break your shovel,your screwed! If you slice your hand open trying to fix it,your screwed! If your plow horse gets bound up,your screwed! I've seen many post's about wanting to get out of dodge,ignore the world,live on my own,so on...YOU CAN'T! You will eventually need a skill that you can' or haven't mastered yet,and if you isolate yourself from the world,you won't have a connection to even find the skill,much less know what it's worth in barter.Imagine that old Japanese soldier that didn't hear that the war was over! To bring this to a semi intelligent conclusion,we all can't get along alone.We need skill's and knowledge from each other.Gun's and ammo and seed's will only go so far,last so long.

Dean in Az

A great big Bullseye Thank You To Dean in AZ !! Hope to see more posts from you and others too.

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This is Bullseye...OUT !!!


matthiasj said...

Great post Dean. Skills are very important.

Kentucky Preppers Network

Felinae said...

Excellent post Dean, and so very true.

Have a great day!


Bullseye said...

Thanks for this post Dean, great info. Skills are by far the most important thing one can have. Like you said too, nobody can take them away.