Friday, June 5, 2009

More Rain Barrels-Updated With Pictures for Matt

Here is a picture of the 15 gal. barrel with the handle. Matt remined me that I had not taken any pictures and he seemed to be upset. Can't have my loyal readers upset now can I. This one's for you Matt. LMAO !!!!

Got some more rain barrels today and got 'em cheap too. They came from a Pepsi plant just south of here about 20 miles. A buddy of mine got the scoop on them and called this morning and said that we could go get all they had. We got 8-55gal. , 1-30 gal. , and 10- 15 gal. The 55's were $3 each the 30 was $2.50 and the 15's were $2. We got all they had and we where promised more later on if we need them. We will need them too, for use now and for future barter too. The 15's are really great, they have a handle on top to carry them with. I plan to clean the 15's out real good and use them for fresh water storage here in the house. The 30 and the 55's will be used to catch rain water. This is a great deal and they are all food grade barrels too. If you need barrels of this type be sure to check with a Pepsi or Coke bottling plant to see if you can get some too. It's been a good day here and I am happy to have more barrels. Now just got to try to get all the Pepsi and Mt. Dew smell out of them.

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matthiasj said...

no pics? :D

Kentucky Preppers Network

Bullseye said...

LOL, tell ya what Matt. I'll get you come pics tomorrow. Just forgot all about that for some reason.

Code Name "Bullseye"

matthiasj said...

That 15 gal. jug is real awesome. I'd like to have a few of those. Thanks for the pictures!!!

Kentucky Preppers Network

theotherryan said...


Bitmap said...

The bottling plants are all so far from me that I haven't bothered to go and get them. Actually, it's not so much the distance as the fact that they are all in the big city and I hate going there.

Anonymous said...

You left a comment on RW's site about guest posting..This seem's to be the only way to contact you.Please email me at
Dean in az

Bullseye said...

theotherryan, Thanks, it was a good score.

Bitmap, No big city here buddy. Just a little town that is close to I 75. Don't blame ya tho, I wouldn't go into that big city either to get barrels. Thanks.

Dean, you got an email coming at ya my friend.