Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Guest post by Dean in AZ

I'd like to thank Bullseye for letting me ramble on again.

I'd like to take a serious look at some of the thing's I've read about prep's.I've seen comment's about 20k round's,per gun,500 pound's of wheat,rice,whatever.A generator.How do you plan to haul it????
If you have a truck,it better be a BIG truck! 500 pound's of grain will pretty much overload a mini truck,such as a S10 or Ranger.And you'd be lucky to get it all in anyway.Toss in your wheat mill,a small generator,a few gas can's,your camping gear....it start's to add up!
Granted,we're not all in a position the have the vehicle we'd like to have.I'd prefer a 4x4,but I have a dually pickup and a 20 foot car hauler.I can put my lil Suzuki on it,then all my stuff on behind it,or in it.And it can be used as a spare shelter,if needed.I can tow anything you can put a strong enough chain around,if I want to tolerate 8-10 mpg.I think a decent sized RV would be better for my plan's,but out of my budget at this time.
So,what's today's point? As my other post said,we can never know everything.Now,we can't haul everything we'd like to have,dream to have,want to have,whatever.Even a custom made motorhome can't haul it all.It still get's bad mileage,and most can barely move themselve's,much less tow much.Trust me,my father owned the largest RV dealership in the midwest yr's ago!
One of these day's,when I'm really bored,I'd like to do the math and see how much space 20k round's of 223 take's up.I'd like to see how many 5 gallon bucket's will fit in my truck.The biggest thing I've towed was a 20k forklift,and it was scary! I could pull it,stopping was kinda scary!
So why haul wheat that need's so much extra work? Buy flour or bisquick,trash the wheat mill,skip the time,labor,all that! Pancake mix only need's water,not yeast,baking powder...Dehydrate everything!(My fav)!
Then realize..you can't load this all in a bug out situation...you'll need help,and probably 3 more truck's!
Make sure you have the stuff in a manageable size container.Milk crate's are perfect,they have handle's and stack nicely.Use as a chair or footstool when empty,or line with a trash bag to collect water.Make everything fit in it's place.It's like loading a moving van,you pay by the foot,compact everything possible!
Keep it light,easy to use,and well packed! And find like minded one's to set up a bug out plan,see what fit's best in what truck,who can pull what best.Don't put a 24 foot trailer on a ford explorer,it won't get far.Don't put a 8 foot trailer on a diesel dually,it's a waste of the power.

We're all in this together...

Dean in AZ


matthiasj said...

Great post Dean. Dehydrated foods are the way to go.

Kentucky Preppers Network

Ken said...

...good one Dean,anybody who thinks they're 'ready' needs to do a practice run...ya learn real quick yer limitations...lol

Anonymous said...

Matt: Thank's again!

Ken: I used to race off road,had to kinda "camp on the run",to make all the pit stop's and such.That's great practice!We had a race every 6 week's or so,in the middle of nowhere of course.The trailer was pretty much all race truck stuff,the pickup was all food and camping thing's.3 day's supplie's for 4 people pretty much filled my truck.Several cooler's,camp gear,a small welder,my tool's and spare part's were all I could do! The good part was that the race's were scheduled for the cool weather,so it was semi comfortable.Other than the lack of a toilet,we did have a few porta potti's,and no beer store's for mile's...
Dean in az

Bullseye said...

Dean, I think that more than anything this post should make us all consider having some of our preps stored in different locations for emergency use. A cache of beans, bullets and band aids somewhere along our intended path would be very handy to say the least. And even some at our BUG out location would lighten our loads if we have to get out of Dodge real quick like. Very good post and thank you.

riverwalker said...

I think I'll need an 18 wheeler with a forty foot box to haul everything. Just kidding! Great post Dean!


Anonymous said...

That's a great idea...in a perfect storm situation.If you have a hurricane or flood coming at you,sure,head to high ground.If there were to be a dam break,a nuke,{insert situation here},that you could not get to your stash,well,your screwed!I'd rather have it all handy than to be scattered all over,and not be able to get to it.In the best case scenario,I'd never get out of phoenix in under 3 hour's,in the worst case...no way!
Matt: the best part of dehyrated,no power needed,just water!
RW: I thought my trailer and truck was enough for 3-4 day's at a race...hmmmm!! NOPE!!!
Dean in az

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