Friday, May 1, 2009

How to "Saw Off a Shotgun"

I am planning on going to a gun show just down the road this weekend and will be looking for an inexpensive pump shotgun for a little project I've had in mind. Will also be looking for a 22 rifle, should have bought the one I seen at the flea market about a month ago, been sick over that since then. Maybe I will find a little something this weekend. Until then, here's a little reading material that you may be interested in. I'd kinda like mine a little shorter BUT that would be against the law. This is of course for entertainment purposes only. hehehe!!!

Instructions on how to do a good at-home barrel cut:

Unload the gun, close the bolt, and insert a cleaning rod down the bore.

Make SURE you have the rod all the way down to the bolt face.

Use a marker to mark the rod even with the muzzle.

Remove the rod, and measure off a MINIMUM of 18 1/2 inches, which is the minimum Federal length.

Lay the rod on the barrel with the first mark even with the muzzle, then mark the barrel at the second mark. This is the cut line.


Do the entire measuring process AT LEAST two or three more times to be 100% SURE you've got it done right. Measure and cut too short and you've violated Federal law and ruined a barrel.

Wrap a piece of tape around the barrel BELOW the cut mark, or use a tubing cutter to score a line around the barrel.The tape or cutter will give you a square cut line around the barrel.Use a fine-tooth hacksaw to make two or three shallow cuts on the line.Rotate the barrel and make several more.Continue to make shallow cuts and rotate the barrel until you have a line cut all the way around the barrel.Then, just continue making shallow cuts and rotating the barrel until it's cut all the way through.This insures that you get a nice square cut, without the saw drifting off at an angle.This greatly reduces the chances of the muzzle not being square and having to do a lot of filing to square it.

After the barrel is cut off, use a fine-cut file to lightly break the sharp outer edges of the muzzle.Use fine sand cloth over the ball of your thumb to lightly break the sharp inner edges of the muzzle, and to remove the saw marks from the front edge.

Tough up with cold blue.New front sights are a little more complicated, and are probably best left to a gunsmith who can drill and tap the barrel for a new bead.

For an inside the home, home defense gun, no front sight is really needed.

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This is Bullseye... OUT !!!



Catman said...

Great, now we'll just have to start calling you "Randy".

HermitJim said...

Hey, thanks for the info, Brother!

Anonymous said...

I've "heard" a dremel w/cutting wheel makes things easier.

erniesjourney said...

Excellent Bull -mine get a makeover at some point - thank you. Won't do it yet as I travel with her and she is legal this way, but soon...

Anonymous said...

Great instructions. You may also want to purchase one at a local pawnshop, as many times, they are traded in pretty cheap. That way, you get to keep original choked version as is.

Shy Wolf said...

Word of caution borne of experience: leave the stock 'as-is' rather than cut to a pistol grip ala-Ahnowld, unless you really enjoy pain in the wrist and an uncontrollable weapon.
Of course, this assumes you're using a 12 gauge. 20 or othe lower power weapon may not matter much.

Bullseye said...

Catman, is that as in Weaver ?? If so, that's fine with me brother. lol

Uncle Jim, you are more than welcome, glad you enjoyed. Thank you !

YeOldFurt, I just happen to have one of them there dremel tools. Thanks.

Big E, this would be a good project for a home defense gun. Thank ye.

Anon, good idea, thanks.

Shy, thanks brother, that was the plan. Thanks for making that point. I'm a 12 ga kinda guy too. Not too sure about the pistol grip now. Thanks.

theotherryan said...

Got a friend who knows a guy who should be doing mine on a lathe but if that drags out too much longer I may give this post a re read.