Friday, May 1, 2009

RANT over DHS's list of EXTREMIST

Well, I done went and told ya this was a rant so hold on if your still here. I'm gonna let 'er rip!!

Good God have mercy on me for I have EVIL thoughts. I nearly had a stroke when I found this report. DHS has their list of criteria to define a "rightwing extremist" now and I want you to read it and see where/if you fit into this definition of "extremist". If I weren't on this list I would hang my head in shame. Please put a check mark beside each and every damn one of these for ME!.
You can read the whole mess here if you like.

The Report specifically mentions the following political beliefs that law enforcement should use to determine whether someone is a “rightwing extremist”:

Opposes restrictions on firearms
Opposes lax immigration
Opposes the policies of President Obama regarding immigration, citizenship, and the expansion of social programs
Opposes continuation of free trade agreements
Opposes same-sex marriage
Has paranoia of foreign regimes
Fear of Communist regimes
Opposes one world government
Bemoans the decline of U.S. stature in the world.
Upset with loss of U.S. manufacturing jobs to China and India

. . . and the list goes on.

By God, put me down for every damn one of 'em. If this is their criteria for an "extremist" then tattoo it across my damn forehead. Stupid Son's a Bitches !! If you don't play ball with the obammy boys you are an "Extremist". My ass!! Wonder if they ever stopped to look and see that these things are "UNCONSTITUTIONAL" in the first damn place. Here's the one that REALLY burns my ass,

"Opposes the policies of obammy regarding immigration, citizenship, and the expansion of social programs"

You damn right I "oppose" it. They have opened the gates to all who hate this country the most and then put them on a damn gov check !! I OPPOSE THAT !! And you know I almost had a stroke when I read this one,

"Opposes restrictions on firearms" Well, DUH !! Guess this crew forgot about the F**KIN 2nd amendment !! Yea, I got 'em and there ain't Jack Shit you can do about it either !! Going tomorrow to get more too you Son's a Bitches!!

Well, I'm gonna go clean all my guns and try to cool off a little. I'll try to respond to the comments left on the last post tonight, got to get some air right now. I know my blood pressure is like 40 blue million over 40 blue million.

This is Bullseye...About to Stroke OUT !!!


Mayberry said...

Yer a bit late to the party on this one Bullseye! Yup, it's enough to make yer head explode.... The Founders were considered "terrorists", so I reckon I'll wear that label with pride. Heh, being an American makes one a "terrorist".....

Anonymous said...

"If you're not with us, you're against us" - or so the old saying goes. LOL

I'm proud to be called an extremist - I'm sure you are too. :)

Bullseye said...

Mayberry, I may be a bit late on this BUT, I have "heard" of this list before, this is just the first time I have been able to read it for DHS's site itself. I've been late to the party before and no doubt will be again but I always dance with the girl I bring. No matter how old or ugly and well brohter, here she is. HAHA!! Thanks man.

Robin. Looks like you and I are againgst them then. Good for us. Thanks for your comment and come back soon.

Humble wife said...

{CheCk}Opposes restrictions on firearms

{cHEck}Opposes lax immigration

{ChecK}Opposes the policies of President Obama regarding immigration, citizenship, and the expansion of social programs

{chECk}Opposes continuation of free trade agreements

{CHEcK}Opposes same-sex marriage

{CHecK}Has paranoia of foreign regimes

{cHEck}Fear of Communist regimes

{ChEcK}Opposes one world government

{cHEck}Bemoans the decline of U.S. stature in the world.

{CheCk}Upset with loss of U.S. manufacturing jobs to China and India

Count me in as an ExTremIstJennifer

Anonymous said...

There is a new Homeland Security Memo further demonizing just about everyone in American and labeling them as terrorists.

New Homeland Security memo lists black power, shaved-head Doc Marten wearers as ‘extremist threats’ matthiasj
Kentucky Preppers Network

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

My ass chaps at this one: "Fear of communist regimes"
OK, so "fear" is the wrong word for me, but I DAMN SURE OPPOSE them!!!

I think ol' J.C. himself just had a heart attack... Because he'd be labeled a "RIGHTWING EXTREMIST"


Shy Wolf said...

Just color me 'terrorist cammo' cuz I sure as hell ain't going to support any aspect of this current system as it is now.

Bullseye said...

Humble Wife, makes 2 of us then honey. I oppose it all. Thanks.

Matt, thanks for the link brother, crazy stuff.

Cygnus, like you brother, I don't fear a damn bit of it but, I OPPOSE IT ALL !! Knew you'd feel the same man, thanks.

Shy, if this ain't fuel for the Revolution I don't know what the hell is. This should have people in the streets man. I hate these people in "so called power". They have NO power over me brother. Thanks for the comment friend.