Friday, April 3, 2009

No more Mr. Nice Guy

Well, that does it, NO MORE MR. NICE GUY !!! Ol' sammy obammy has just given up the SOVEREIGNTY OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA at the G20 Conference.

Moving as quickly as he can to gut the USA and then divide its body parts amongst like-minded globalists, the USA’s Supreme Leader Barack Hussein Obama used the G-20 conference to begin his turnover of USA sovereignty to said internationalists and start the move toward a one-world government. Obama has signed off on international legislation—the Financial Stability Board—that would regulate ALL firms, including those within the USA and places them under the responsibility of an international governmental agency.

Can you even believe this?? I got it from The Old Fart, mmmm I mean Ye Old Furt ( Sorry ) who got it here. Thanks, Furt.

The stage is now set for the World Bank that the Bilderberg Group (aka. Fed Reserve, aka. Leaders of the NWO, or as I like to call them,"The Sons of Satan") has been planning for years. Day after day the NWO advances it agenda with ol' sammy paving the way and day after day the FREEDOM of AMERICANS withers away.

The Bank Bailout money was a big part of all this. That money was forced on these banks, whether they wanted it or not, with new government restrictions in place. Now that that is done and obammy just signed off on International Legislation regulating all firms, especially banks, the New World Bank can now be put into place to oversee all that goes on. And not just the banks either, all firms are now placed under the responsibility of an international governmental agency. ALL FIRMS !!!

Well, from this day forward I devote my life even more than ever to fighting the New World Order, no more Mr. Nice Guy either. I will pull no punches when it comes to defending my freedom and yours. I will rip, jab and poke at every opening in their organization. I will search like I have never searched before to bring you the newest developments in their plan to rule you and I and the rest of the World. This is going to get nasty, real nasty. I'll be a bird dog sniffing out their trail of destruction. I will fight to the last breath. They may kill me but I will lie in a pile of spent brass from my carbine, the sweet smell of gun smoke will linger around my body. I have had enough, too much even. I'm ready for battle.

God be with us.

This is Bullseye... OUT !!!


Cygnus MacLlyr said...

United we Stand, brother.
19 Apr.

HermitJim said...

In the words of the old song ..."Praise the Lord, and passs the ammunition!"

Staying Alive said...

I be ready. But I am still going to put in a garden. The wife was gnawing on my ass to do an ammo check and medical check and all of that just yesterday. We WILL be ready. Obama will be coming with Russia and China and Israel troops.

Slay them utterly!


Mayberry said...

I'm with ya brother! III

Unknown said...

And I have plenty of ammunition

Anonymous said...

Well, I just wanted to pop in and say hi! You know i follow your blog. I thought the recent 3 sisters idea is very interesting. I'm wondering what can replace the corn if one wanted to go with something else ??

Thanks & keep up the great work!

Bullseye said...

Cygnus, Amen brother, Amen.

Hermit Jim, LOL, that may be my new theme song. lol

Michael, I'll be putting my garden in as well. Nothing more important in these times. Stay ready my friend, it's getting closer by the day.

Mayberry, thank you brother. I know you and many others will be there and be ready for whatever they may bring our way.

Did it my way, thanks for coming by. Keep that ammo handy too buddy, we're gonna need it soon.

Greenville Road, good to have ya my friend. With the 3 sisters I'm not really sure what you could grwo in place of corn, very good question. Maybe jerusalem artichoke ( not from jerusalem and not an artichoke either ) would be a good replacement. I have not raised them before but I do know they have a good strong and tall stalk. The fruit of the jerusalem artichoke grows underground like a potato. If you think of anything else please let me know, good question.