Sunday, June 28, 2009

Meet Up and the Garden

The Prepper Meet Up went well yesterday, would have liked to have had more preppers there but still it was fun. Matt done a great job of leading the meet up, keeping control of the meeting and also allowing plenty of discussion at the same time. Much harder to do than it sounds. Great job Matt !! We had about 5 or 6 preppers there that really seemed to know what was going and had some great ideas about how to prepare. It was good to meet them and share ideas. I look forward to having more of the Prepper Meet Ups all around the state of Kentucky and around the country. If you're a prepper try to get one planned, you'll be glad you did.

In garden news, things are going ok, JUST ok that is. Rabbits have pretty much destroyed the green beans so far. I planted some more today and will be keeping a close eye on the rabbits too ( 22 rifle in hand ). Potato bugs have been hell on the taters but they are still just ok. Corn has had just too much rain to really do well this year. Some hot DRY days will do it good. Tomatoes and cucumbers are doing great, lots of growth and bloom in the last few days. All in all it's been a hard year on my garden, too much rain and not enough sunny days. But there will be a harvest of plenty of goodies.

Just goes to show how easy it is NOT to have food. If this were our only food supply we would be screwed....Big Time !! Thank goodness for our food storage and the ability to still get food at the stores. Not sure how much longer our money will be of any value though, just have to hope the crash holds off just a little longer. It's coming soon and I know it.

Been crazy busy for the last few weeks, putting up hay and all the good stuff that goes along with that kind of farm work. Always a thousand things to be done this time of year. The yard work, general cleaning and life itself takes up a hell of a lot of time. Now that the first cutting of hay is up things should settle down a bit, or at least I hope so. Had very little time to blog or read blogs ( I'm a much better reader than writer too ).

Been trying to keep up with the news as best I can, not seen any good news in all of it either. Better tighten the bootlaces folks things aren't looking good for free Americans. The PTB just can't take the fact that some of us still believe in Freedom and are willing to fight for it. We are just a Revolution away from Freedom, get ready, the horn may sound at any time now for Free men and women to stand against evil once again. The battle of good versus evil has been going on for ages and that battle is still alive and well today. Get to know your neighbors and form your survival groups as soon as you can. Tomorrow may be too late, do it now. Remember, there is strength in numbers. Get Ready and Stay Safe.

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This is Bullseye...OUT !!!


Trini Airguns said...

Is that .22 an air rifle?

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Garden sounds great, bro... man, if we could only barter some of your rain for some of my hot days... lol!

I know you know what good eatin' them lettuce-eaters make...

Luck and more to ya, Bulls, My Brother

Herbalpagan said...

Those potato bugs - go sprinkle some corn meal on the infected plants. The bugs will eat it, mixed with dew at night. In the morning the stuff will swell in their bellies and burst them. (honest tip!)
We in Mass are going to be holding our first meet up third week of July!

HermitJim said...

Good news about the meeting and the hay cutting...I hope you get some luck i the garden front, my friend!

Anonymous said...

The meetup was a lot of fun. Good luck taking out those rabbits!

Kentucky Preppers Network

Bitmap said...

Can you go after the rabbits at night? Here rabbits are not game animals and can be taken any time on private property. A shotgun with a "tactical" light works great.

Just be careful that you don't shoot your garden hose.

My experience has been that shooting rabbits doesn't really keep them out of my garden much but at least I can recover some of the food they steal.

Bullseye said...

Trini, nope, it's a rimfire. Airgun would work just fine for this though. Thanks

Cygnus, would be glad to trade you some of this rain brother, trust me. Rabbits will be in the freezer soon I hope. Thanks for the visit my brother.

HP, thanks !! Gonna give that a try today for sure. Good luck with your meet up and let us know how it goes.

Uncle Jim, thanks my man. Some dry weather will help the garden a lot. Looks like we have a few days of nice weather coming our way. Today is great. Thanks for stopping by my friend.

Matt, yes it was man, great time.

Bitmap, yep, can go after them at night, got just the thing for it too. May not help with the rabbbit problem much but like you said it will help recover some of my food anyway. Thanks a bunch.

klhrevolution said...

Be nice if we could get more information as to what took place, discussions, etc.. maybe even some photos. Apologies for not being there but hopefully an event takes place nearer to me.