Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Survival Seed Vault for Barter

I know that I have mentioned the Survival Seed Vault many times before but I just can't say enough good about this product. I liked it so good that I ordered another for possible future barter items. After the collapse these seeds are going to be worth their weight in gold in many places. Being able to raise your own food in your Survival Garden is the only way to long term survival. Your food storage will run out in time if you don't have a way to replenish it and a Survival Garden is the way to do just that. Most of the seeds from my first Survival Seed Vault are in the ground now but I wanted another for barter. I will be saving seeds like a wild man this fall, like I have never saved them before. Mark my words, heirloom seeds will have more barter power than paper money in the very near future. It's my opinion and the opinion of many others that heirloom seeds and ammo are the best investment one can make in this economy. I'm not taking any chances so I'm getting both. It's not to late to plant your Survival Garden either. There is still time to plant and get a harvest of many different veggies by this fall. Plus you can always have a winter garden by planting cole crops in the fall.

These seed packs will go back into the vault and then stored away for the future. Natural disasters of any kind could come my way and wipe my garden out leaving me with nothing. No food and no seeds. It just pays to have a back up plan (or seeds). It's just the way of a prepper.

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Get your Survival Seed Vault here.

Get your Survival Gear here.

This is Bullseye... OUT !!!


Anonymous said...

What are you interested in trading? I have a few Mini-14 mags and some other stuff I'd be willing to trade off.

Bitmap said...

What kind of shipping time do they have?

Bullseye said...

YeOldFurt, these are for future barter, after the collapse. We need to come up with a barter sight just for things like you have. I know there are some people out there would would like to have those mags now. Thanks buddy.

Bitmap, about 3 weeks now, maybe a little sooner as some of the business slows down, if it ever does. Thanks for asking. These are great seeds to have, git ya some. lol

American Prepper said...

We need to let more people know that we have a barter exchange thread here:

Get more people participating in that, maybe we can find someone to barter for those mags.

Humble wife said...

I know that you are so right on this post! Times are going to change what we find important.

I suggest everyone rush over and get a bucket of seeds. You will not regret it!!!


Kymber said...

Bull - you are dead on with your prediction that heirloom seeds are going to become a bartering tool in the future - and everyone should have a stash saved.

i have never saved seed before but plan to this year with the help of some of the more experienced farmer/homesteader types on the network. i hope it isn't too hard - glad to hear that you are going to start saving seed too!

TEAM HALL said...

Hey Bullseye!
When the time comes, would you mind doing a post or 30 on how you save your seed? Maybe a few of your little tricks...
It would be appreciated!!

Bullseye said...

American Prepper, thanks, forgot about that thread buddy.

Jennifer, thank you very much. You are so right too, more than people can imagine.

Kymber, seeds will be worth their weight in gold someday very soon. Saving seed is pretty easy too. I'll do a post for you all on seed saving very soon. Thanks for coming by.

Team Hall, count on it soon. A great skill to have. Probably a must have skill. Thanks.