Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday Morning Six Shooter

Don't everyone get their guns out on Sunday morning to give them a good cleaning ?? OK, maybe it's just me. This S&W 38 used to be my everyday carry but now spends most of it's time in the nightstand drawer, ya know close to the bed. This little six shooter is in need of a good cleaning but I thought I better take it out back and put a few rounds through it first. Just to get a little more practice with it. Had it for a long time and carried it many many times before I started using my 9mm as a daily carry. I'm sure you can tell by the pics that it's needs cleaning really bad. That's not like me to let a gun go without oil and a rag from time to time but it's been a while for this little guy. Today will be his day to shine and get a breath of fresh air, some sun too.

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This is Bullseye... OUT !!!



HermitJim said...

Nice looking little rascal indeed! I want one for myself...

Ken said... more and more shit rolls downhill,i should get me a couple wheelguns,i say couple cuz i'd have to buy a pair(the Mrs would have to get one

...simplistic,rugged,time tested...only one i've 'owned' was a GP101 in.357...long gone now,but not forgotten...

matthiasj said...

That's a nice one Bullseye. Get an ankle holster and it could be your backup :D

Kentucky Preppers Network

American Prepper said...

Nice man!...Now that I'm thinking about it, I'm feeling a little guilty, I haven't cleaned any of my guns for a year now. I don't shoot much, but that's still no excuse. Good post!

Bullseye said...

Uncle Jim, thank ya my friend. It's a good one too. Hope you are able to get your hands on one soon.

Ken, well it's great that the Mrs knows the need to carry. But I'm sure living with you has been a blessing to her in the prep dept. I put 3 cylinders full thru here today and I can still hit my mark at 25 yards. That's probably farther than I even intend to use it, but ya never know. Thanks brother.

Matt, that's a good idea. I use a 25 auto for my boot gun now. The 38 would give a little more bag for sure. Thanks brother for the idea and the comment.

American Prepper, thank you. I know your time on the road keeps you from your regular gun cleaning routine..I understand that. I have no excuse for this one other than I just forgot. lol Thanks a lot brother and stay safe up on Ruby Ridge. LMAO