Saturday, May 16, 2009

Stock and Laser are here !!

But I have run in to a few little problems. Story of my life these days. The magazine release button and spring were broken on my old stock, found that out when taking it apart. It worked fine in the old stock because it was such a tight fit nothing could really move. So, I have to order a new one. Plus there is a little adjustment that needs to be made concerning the bolt action. It's a little tight and drags. All I have to do is file down the inside of the stock some and it will be fine. Not going to worry about it until I get the new mag release. I'll have to take it back apart then anyway. Also you have to cut a place in the lower forearm for the laser thumb switch cord to run out the side. That was no trouble at all, a few seconds with a hacksaw blade. So I guess I at a stand still again. To be continued.....

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This is Bullseye... OUT !!!



matthiasj said...

That sucks man. At least it's got a lifetime warranty!

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Ken said... waitin' on Christmas...

...hell,yer handling it fine,why am i

HermitJim said...

It's always something, isn't it? I hate it when that happens!

Bullseye said...

Matthiasj, yep, they have a great warranty on these guns, lifetime is about as good as it gets. lol Thanks buddy.

Ken, LOL, always waiting it seems. Calm down brother, it's gonna be ok. lol I'll keep ya updated man. Thanks.

Uncle Jim, always my friend, always. Never can get all my ducks in a row, hell can't even find 'em most of the time. Thanks for the visist my man.