Monday, May 18, 2009

Greenhouse Asses

I've heard about enough of this Green house bullshit that the genius Al Gore came up with, global warming and all. Hell, it was 36 degrees here last night and some places had frost too. This global warming is gonna freeze us all to death if you ask me, bullshit is what it is. Scare tactics and nothing more. But we can keep the world from turning into a ball of fire somehow buy paying a "carbon tax", my big ol butt. The idea is to scare the hell out of everyone by making them think we are all gonna burst in to flames "if" we don't pay some kinda "carbon tax", ya know like the bill they had to tax farmers cause their cows fart. Hehe, man they must think we are stupid.

Well, now the dark lord is gonna save us from that threat even more. Gonna make the auto makers cut emissions by 30% AND raise fuel mileage to an average 35 mph. LOL, that crazy bastard must have forgot that he put near all of them into bankruptcy already. Even if they could do all this what would they cost and who the hell has the money to buy 'em any friggin way. Dumb ass. The whole country is having to water down their beans just to get by and that is what they come up with to "help us all out". My ass. We or I guess I should say they, have elected the stupidest bunch of people to ever live in the District of Complete Assholes. Leave the auto industry alone and let them make a new car I can afford, not one that costs 40 grand because they have to pay all the tree huggers and politicians their "carbon tax". Hey I'm all for having a car that gets 35 mpg or more. If the oil barrens would let them they could make one that runs on water, no wait, they killed the guy that figured that one out. So, I'd say that 35 mpg or better on all new cars is a dream but, you can bet we will have to pay more for them because they are gonna save the planet by cutting the emissions. hahahhahaha!!!!!!!!!! They kill me with that shit. I'd say their gonna be cut by even more as people loose their jobs and homes and their new cars. We'll all be walking anyway, that will cut it down big time. Wonder if we'll have to pay a carbon tax for doubt, for damn sure if we fart along the way. hahahahah!!!!!!!!!!

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This is Bullseye... OUT !!!


matthiasj said...

Cap and Trade is a joke and so is global warming. If the sheeple don't wake up out of their TV induced comas they will be led off a cliff.

Kentucky Preppers Network

flea said...

Cap and trade will send companies and jobs off shore. Anyone who can't see that is blind as a bat.

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Um, don't the tree-huggers comprende that trees breathe co2, amongst other "greenhouse gasses" and put out good ol' pure O (oxygen, ye trollsheeple!)?? So, I argue, we NEEDS emissions...

With ya on the makin' a car I can afford, Bulls m'man... especially all the grief MollyMaroon hath espoused of late.

Great rant/post, Brother mine...
Keep hammering!

(and yes- I'm back...)



Selous Scout said...

Mark my words... They will find a way to legislate out all non-carbon compliant vehicles and force everyone who wishes to drive to buy one of these new cars. They will be subsidized by new taxes on consumer goods: alcohol, tobacco, firearms, ammunition and soft drinks!


American Prepper said...

man...I hate to irritate a good rant and make it worse by adding to it. This Cap and Trade carbon tax will put us truckers out of business...Got no choice but to pass it on to the consumer...Sorry guys I don't know what else to do....

Just like anything the socialists do to screw up the economy, it's always the working class and the consumer that gets screwed in the end.

It's called "Shit rolls down hill"

TEAM HALL said...

LMAO!! You made me snort when I laughed!! It snowed on Sunday morning at the cabin!! I love it! And I love it when you get all riled up and have a rant!! hehe

Anonymous said...

I agree with you, Bullseye, they DO think we're all stupid, and maybe that was true for alot of folks. But, as times get harder and harder, people will start paying more attention to this crap and really start bitchin'. If the Gore mob have their way then you'll see a carbon tax on every lawn mower, snowblower, weed-whacker, go-cart, washer and dryer, etc, etc etc, until they put a meter on your ass so they can tax your farts. I think we should send those Global warming Idiots on a fact finding mission to the Sun. I'll gladly chip in a few bucks for THAT Government program!

Bullseye said...

Matt, LOL man, that damn TV is going to be the death of many of the sheep. They are gonna freeze to death during the global warming. lol

Flea, couldn't agree more buddy. Thanks.

Cygnus, thanks brother and sorry to hear that Molly is letting you down man, shame on her. LOL

Good to have ya back brother, missed ya.

Selous Scout, yo may have just hit the Bullseye with that one man. Sounds like somthing they would do for sure. Thanks for the comment, good to have ya.

American Prepper, LOL, shit does roll down hill for sure buddy. In this situation is has no other choice. The truckers can't take all the heat man, we all know that I hope. When the price to do business goes up so must the prices on the goods offered. I don't like but I know that's the only way it can be. Thanks and take care my friend.

Team Hall, did you tell Big Daddy to come look out the window at the global warming??? LMAO Glad you enjoyed the rant, there will be more, trust me. Thanks !!

Anon, I agree with you too, 100%. I think people are starting to wake up around the world as to the plan these idiots have for us, I'm gald they are. Yep, let's send 'em to the sun. LOL Thanks for the comment and please come back.