Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Swine Flu Virus is a Man Made Virus !!

Could this virus be man made ?? You bet !!

This is Bullseye... OUT !!!




HermitJim said...

More folks are aware that this flu is somehow just not natural than they were before.

Paying more attention, ya think?

TEAM HALL said...

Very scary indeed!! That someone would deliberately "manufacture" this flu...
Almost time to pull up the drawbridge, my friend!

erniesjourney said...

Ya know, seems like a lot of people laugh about this flu - little do they know it will usher in a police state - the dorks.

American Prepper said...

yep, looking more and more like man made virus to me...Got my masks on the truck, still need to get my colloidal silver though...I'm thinking though about ditching my tinfoil hat and switching to lead...LOL When they start frying everyone with the space-based microwave weapons, the tinfoil will catch your hair on fire.

Catman said...

Get your family psychologically prepared for what is coming. Being calm and collected will do much for keeping you safe. Remember, panic kills.

Bullseye said...

Uncle Jim, I think you are right on the money there friend. Thank you for coming ever.

Team Hall, My drawbridge has been up. LOL Seems it always is. Stay safe up there and get your prep on. Thanks.

Big E, what a wonderful excuse this would give the NWO to declare Martial Law. Watch your 6. Thanks.

AP, hairs done gone brother, lol. I told Catman that it's hard as hell to get this gas mask on over my tin foil hat. He says take it off first, not sure I feel too good about taking it off for that long. They might git me. LMAO !! Thanks for stopping by brother.

Catman, very good advice my friend. Just trying to find the truth of it all and plan from there. We are pretty calm, having prepared for most things brings about a little peace of mind for us. Thank you my brother for the comment.