Tuesday, April 28, 2009

10 things you need to know about swine flu

Found some good info that we all need to know. Follow this link and learn all you can. The World Health Organization has raised the global threat level for the first time ever and we all need to be aware of what's going on.

This is Bullseye...OUT !!!




soldierman57 said...

Nice post i like the weapon too but dont stand out in open could get snip....lol

Catman said...

I think we need to start referring to this as the GM Flu (genetically modified flu) and get everyone to start using GMO (genetically modified organism) when discussing it.

If this turns out to be as serious as it looks right now, tagging this as being a bio-engineered product may hurt Monsanto and others trying to force Franken-food on the public.

The backlash from the public could possibly be more than any amount of money could produce. This could be very useful to get people to see a face to face reality of what can happen with governments/corporations screwing with genetics.

Anonymous said...

go ahead and panic,mexico do's not take this seriously.I just came from there today.

Bullseye said...

soldierman57, thanks and please don't shoot, I'm on your side man. lol Thanks for stopping by, come back often.

Catman, GMO, I like it. I like your plan too, sounds great. Thanks brother.

Anon 10:16, You just came from Mexico today ?? Man, better you than me. Stay safe buddy and thanks for stopping by, come back.

John Wesley said...

There are sure some odd things about this whole flu thing. Since it's like no other virus so far, they don't want us to call it swine flu, but haven't figured out what we should call it. I like the suggestion of GM flu. Somebody said to call it the hybrid flu. Anyway, it's odd it's happening in spring, not fall or winter. I've heard the notion that it's coming from Mexico, rather than Asia, as many viruses do, so that catastrophe can be used to further the plan for a North American Union. Whatever the case, I guess we'd better be ready for anything.


Bullseye said...

John, I can see that you are not fooled by what's going on and what the media is or is not telling us. Stay safe brother, it's going to be some ride the next few days. Thanks for your comment.