Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What to do ?

Just got off the phone with Mrs. Bullseye's brother. He lives in Charleston WV and lives just a few miles from the airport. The news is that a flight that originated from somewhere in Mexico is scheduled to land there this evening and needless to say he is a bit concerned about it. He ask me what I would do, maybe just to hear my reaction. He very well knows that I have the means and the ability to bring that airplane down if it where to land near me and I'm pretty sure that he expected me to say just that. That "I would bring it down before I would let it land near me" was I'm sure the answer he was expecting. Not that I would ever do that. He also knows that I will not let anything threaten me or mine without one hell of a fight. I sometimes think he kinda enjoys my rants. This time I'm sure he was a little surprised at my actions. hehe!! I told him that I would just stay away from the area and that I was sure the passengers would be examined to see if any of them have any of the symptoms of this flu (whatever kind it really is ). Watch the news and keep updated on this situation as best he can and stay calm. There is no need to panic I told him. hehe!! I know he just about shit when he heard how calm I was about all this. hehe!! I know he full well expected a rant to end all rants. Maybe I am starting to mellow out a bit. hehe!! ( NOT !! )

What to do? Well, you be the judge is all I can say. Use the same caution you would if it where flu season. Stay away from people that are sick, try to stay away from large crowds of people that you don't know ( family and friends are fine as long as you know they are not sick or have been around others that are) Wash your hands regularly and try to stay healthy. Get plenty of good rest, eat good and take your vitamins. Just keep your immune system in top notch shape and use your head.

That's what I would do.

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This is Bullseye... OUT !!!




matthiasj said...
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matthiasj said...

I would suggest he just steer clear of the airport. The virus has a 4-5 day incubation period where once you get it you have 5 days where you will transmit it but show no symptoms.

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Catman said...

That's the important thing, Bullseye. Just good old fashioned common sense. Just remember, panic kills.

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

hey bulls.. gotta love the 'cat's' xformation to 'man' doncha! lol!
On a serious aside, a friend asked/recommended me to look in to "Airbourne" [sp?] antiviral herbal detoxins... immediately your store came to mind...

Got info?!?

Thanks, man-- and good beta to the B.I.L.-- it's right there on the cover of the Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy--"Don't Panic!!!"

Great post as always, bro.

Love, man...


erniesjourney said...

Panic the sheeple and they will do anything their "saviors" say uh huh.

HermitJim said...

Always nice to keep people on their toes...

Maybe it will scare him a bit if you seem calm about it!

Never know how folks are going to react...

Bullseye said...

Mathiasj, Good advice brother, stay away from there. Thanks man.

Catman, Ole Whiskered one, LOL
Common sense will rule the day. Thank you brother.

Cygnus, got an email coming at ay with some info brother. Thanks and love back at ya x 10.

Big E, nothing like a good scare tactic to keep the sheeple in line and in CAMP ! Thanks my friend.

Uncle Jim, I think I floored him with just how calm I was. Caught him off gaurd. lol Thanks so much my friend. Coffee's always on for ya.

Anonymous said...

Nice read - I couldn't print it out from the provided link, but found a .pdf file of same here and did fine.