Monday, December 15, 2008

My Christmas Wish ( another gun)

OK, so I haven't been a very good boy this year. Haven't been very good for a long time really. But I still have wants, my needs are very little but I still want stuff. This Savage 24 would fit my wants just right. Nice duel purpose gun, I want the 22/12ga. Here is a site that can give you all the shit on this baby. I will no doubt not let the wife spend the money on one for me but hey, ya gotta want something for Christmas.


Anonymous said...

I have the 30-30 Winchester / 12 gauge model - it is HEAVY bro' like 9 pounds heavy. I imagine the 22 version is even heavier (I think the centerfire barrel is same diameter, just more steel in .22 caliber).

If I were you, I'd look for the older Savage 24, the .22 over 20 gauge. About two pounds less in weight - much easier to carry. The Remington Spartan (Russian relabelled Baikal) is also nice, the .22 over .410 is a small gamegetter for sure.

You have nice taste though - these combinations are definitely 'patience my a$$ - I'm bringing SOMETHING home to eat!'

Hope Santy Claws is good to you this year.

Bullseye said...

Thansk for the info, I don't need a gun that heavy for sure. I just want a good all pourpus gun, one that I can take in the field and bring anything home with. An older Savage or other brand for that matter would be fine with me. Just seen this one and got a chubby. lol

Thanks for the comment.

Ken said...

...we give 'Santa' the go ahead,buy it brother...wish i never sold my .22/20

Bullseye said...

Ken, if that fat bastart with the red suite don't robb me blind again this year, I may have to get this one. I read about Scout using one and thought it made a lot of sense.

Thanks Brother, Hope things are looking up for ya.