Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Well now ain't that just messed up !!

You work hard to try to make something that will be good for everyone, you pour your heart and soul in to it, and some SOB's come along and try to steal it. Ain't that just messed up. The American Preppers Network, one that I am very proud to be part of, has been Hijacked !!! Yes, that's right, someone has taken it upon themselves to steal the name ( use on almost just like it ) and direct traffic to their site. All of the state prepper networks too. They just left the 's off of preppers. Trying to fool you ?? I think so. Don't be fooled by this Bullshit, these are nothing more that thieves trying to cash in on the good name of American Preppers Network and all the other state preppers networks. SHAME ON YOU !!!!! How dare you think that people are that damn stupid.

In times when the sheeple are waking up everywhere and need good quality information and you do this, redirect them? Are these new "fake' prepper sites part of the long are of the NWO. Starting to look like it to old Bullseye.

God, I hate people more everyday. I mean, is nothing sacred ?? Is there nothing that some people won't do to take others down ?? Fake, fake, fake.....Can't even come up with an original name, use one close to the same to try to fool people. They even have a pirate Texas Preppers Network. Riverwalker is the Godfather of the Prepper Networks and they even had the nerve to horn in on him. SOB's....... I'm so mad I could chew nails......I want to break stuff.....

I've went through a pack of smokes in the last hour, I've checked and rechecked my sidearm. Who is gonna come next and what are they gonna try to steal. Some people just have no morals I guess, anything to "try " to make a buck. hehehe.....ain't they gonna be fooled.

Remember, there is only ONE network for Preppers and that is the American Preppers Network and it's recommend state networks. If a site is on their blog roll, there good'ns.

This is Bullseye ... OUT !!!


Felinae said...


Wow! A whole pack in an hour? :( I hope you were exaggerating for effect.

I agree with you whole heartedly, when I first started to hear of what was going on, at first I was shocked, then I got angry, then I just felt sad.

For someone to do something like this to a person that considered them a friend, it is just wrong on so many levels.

I would kind of like to think that most people will not be blinded by the imitation network and will recognize it for what it is, which is a blatant attempt to capitalize off of something that should be given freely and from the heart.

There should never be a dollar sign attached to helping others become stronger and self-reliant.

The only payment should be in the pride that one gets from seeing the success that they helped to create by giving freely of themselves.

Before I take over your comment section like I did YeOldFurt's I'll stop talking now, :)


American Prepper said...

Thanks for your support buddy, Thanks for yours too Felinae

TEAM HALL said...

I can't frickin believe this!!! Certainly NOT the guy I thought he was...
Fine and dandy to start a new network...who would care?! But to use the same bloody name...that's just MEAN SPIRITED!! Someone's angry over at that new camp...vindictive...but over what??? What in God's name has happened to create that much HATE?????????????
I think I'll take up smoking!!
Merry Xmas, Santa!

riverwalker said...


Most preppers won't be fooled by these copycats...especially when they have a fake prepper sites (guess they don't know much about us Preppers and how we feel about things like this).

Cheap imitations usually don't last long when you can still get the real deal.

Your friend,


Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm missing some of the big picture here.Just like that 20 dollar Rolex watch at the swap meet,if you have something good,someone will copy it...but for what? I know some of these site's have ad's that generate a few buck's,but is it enough to go to all this effort? Are they trying to take prepping in a new direction,be it political or profitable? Granted,it's pretty rude,and maybe a bit illegal,to make it a direct copy of the original site.If you want to post a personal ad on a site,no problem to me,but all this effort? I'm lost.
Dean in az

Anonymous said...

many of this type site are being compromised by wackjobs calling themselfs survivalists. I know some of these a$$h@13$ they run aronnd shooting off guns and big mouths. they will learn nothing after years of that behavior ,where as 1 hour on the proper prepper sites will probably go a long way in saving their lives