Monday, November 2, 2009

A full day and I am pleased

Yep, been a full day here at Camp Bullseye. Lady Bullseye has a bum knee and I thought we were going to the Dr. office today but she decided to tough it out for a while longer. No need to be were all the germs are until you really have too. And she is feeling some better today.

Well, since that's off the list, me and her step father decided to go and get some more firewood. I have a bunch of trees that have been down since Feb. and are in a handy place to get them. We cut and hauled both of us a load of firewood today. BIG trailer loads too. We need more but they will be there when the chance happens by us again. I will be working tomorrow and should get 3 days out of it. I sure hope so. Not sure if anything is lined up later or not, just have to take it as it comes and thank God for it.

After we got back from the wood run I fonudthat we had got a Kroger sale paper in the mail. Some great deals too, especially if you are looking for bargain food storage. I hit the shower to try to get some of the sawdust off me and then on to Kroger. I never thought about it being the 1st of the month and the rush that goes along with that, be I soon remembered when I pulled in the parking lot. I was not going to miss this opportunity to add to my food storage no matter what. I was armed ( really, I had my 9 on my side, Open Carry here in KY ) and dangerous. I pulled out my list that I had made before I left home and hit the isles only purchasing the items on my list. Got a lot of canned goods at great bargains. Name brand too. Bought some stuff for the freezer too, to cheap to pass up. I have been working on getting some canned meats of sorts, chicken, salmon, tuna and of course the old standby, SPAM and TREAT meat. Just anything to add to the rice and beans to make it a little more fun. When it hits the fan anything kind of meat to add to you beans and rice will be fun I'm sure and welcome too. Man, I just love that Kroger. I have a Kroger Plus Card and get the best price on every purchase plus the send coupons every week tailored to our past purchases. So, we get coupons for the things we by regularly. These usually correspond to the sale that week too. We also get 10 cents of per gallon of gas for every $100 dollars we spend. It's a win, win for us really.

The only things I purchased that weren't for our long term storage were pop,bread and milk. The total before my Kroger Plus savings= $235.62, total after my Kroger Plus savings = $153.57, not bad at all. If you have Kroger near by, GET A KROGER PLUS CARD. Check with your local stores and see what kind of saving plan or card the offer and get one. It's big savings

The family is heading to WV again this weekend and I will have some time alone. I plan to spend it working in the food storage room. Things have gotten pretty messed up in there. (Someone) and I won't point any fingers has been putting random junk in there from throughout the house. I plan to organize and itemize everything once again and get back on track. A big job but I really enjoy it. Food storage is and always has been my favorite prep.

So, yep, a full day. Got a good load of wood and some food too. A good day for me and I sure needed one. As I mentioned before, it's been pretty stressful around here the last few weeks. Today had made me feel some better about things. Alright guys and gals...
This is Bullseye... OUT !!!


Felinae said...

I'm glad to hear that you had a fulfilling day and that Mrs. Bullseye is feeling a bit better.


Northwoods said...

Just a little philosophy I live by.
We can all thank God for the trees that we harvest, use to burn for heat our to cook our food.
Your gathering of have to stand back and feel a sense of accomplishment looking at that pile of... well..."survival" (wood) and thank God it was there for you.
I'm no Bible banger but when I look at a pile of fire wood I've split and stacked I always have to look to the sky and say "Thank You"...
It's just a comfort to know you're prepared I guess.
Hang in there Buddy!

HermitJim said...

Adding to the food is always a good feeling...and the firewood is another necessity that is always welcome...

Good for you, my friend!

TEAM HALL said...

Hey Bud! Yup, I'm with yah 110%...nothing better than farting around the stock room to lift your spirits! Well that and hitting the supermarket fully armed! Now that makes me giggle...
I sure wish I lived in Kentucky!

Bitmap said...

I hate going to the grocery store. The way I prefer is to do a "click-and-pull" at Sam's. You make up an order online, then you go to the store the next day and pay at the customer service counter and walk out with your stuff.

I don't buy stuff like fresh fruit that way because I figure the people doing the pulling won't pick the best but canned goods, pasta, etc. it works for us, especially because we don't have to keep the kids in line in the store for an hour or more.

Did it MY way said...

Great job Bullseye. The wood warms you twice..once when you split and once when you burn it.

I like spam, and always have a good supply. Glad to see the food preps went well.

See Ya

God Bless

Pete Smith said...

I miss Kroger, I'm from North Carolina and now stuck in California. Aldi's was great to and I miss them for there canned food. Sounds like you had a great day. I think any day you can work on your preps is a great day.

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riverwalker said...

"Food storage is and always has been my favorite prep."

I see you like to eat also!LOL