Friday, November 13, 2009

The Lone Prepper

Let's just say that those that live here and are under my care are not really into the whole prepperism thing. Far from it really. Oh, sometimes Mrs. Bullseye will pick up a few extra things that are on sale at the store to add to our food storage program, mostly just to try to make me happy. It does help. But most of the time I am alone in my quest for independence and preparedness.

I enjoy living a frugal live style, they don't. While they are out shopping and eating out at restaurants I am here at home, turning off the lights they left on, the TV, the satellite box and God only knows what all else. Just trying to save a little here and there. They joke about the things I do, not really seeing that I am doing these things for them. When I come home from town they always jokingly ask if I got another case of tuna or Spam. They joke about my wood pile saying that it is a lumber yard and that I never seem to think I have enough. I clip coupons to use on items that we use regularly, that's funny too. I buy nearly everything by the case....funny. Always a smirk when the ask if I have my gas cans in the Jeep when I say I'm going to fill up.

It's a good thing I do these things and don't let them or their attitude get to me. It's hard at times but I march onward. Knowing that it won't be so funny in the near future, they will see why I have worked so hard to insure our future and our safety. I march on. Everyday looking for and thinking of new ways to prepare. They are like so many others out there that believe that the good times will last forever.....sorry to let them know that they never have. The Romans thought they would too and after 500 years they seen they were wrong. Our country is only half that age and we can see the end just over the horizon, or at least some can.

I do what I do for them, for us, for our future generations. It's not some kind of game that I play or just a hobby of mine. It's serious business and I know that. I have tried everything I know to do to show them the truth about our future but the world has them by the throat, choking any thought of the things to come right out of them. It's hard being a Lone Prepper but in the end I know it's worth it.

Keep on Prepping,

This is Bullseye... OUT !!!


Humble wife said...


Although you are alone and mocked somewhat, you are doing what needs to be done. As the head of the house, keep on progressing, because your preparations will keep the family going.

And a bit of food for is fine to be a bit off kilter from the rest of the world(even the rest of the family)as same old same old is awful, and humdrum.

After reading this post, I feel that your family is blessed to have you and (sadly as the times are changing) will appreciate all the preps soon.

Take care Bullseye

Felinae said...


It's ok to be different :)

Just keep being you and doing what you are doing.
Someday, your family will come to understand you and why you do what you do.

I hope they can appreciate that you are prepping and saving because of them, for them, so that they can have a future.

They are very lucky to have you. Hopefully they realize this.


Bitmap said...

Maybe you can help by avoiding discussing TEOTWAWKI and focus on shorter term problems.

Ice storms for example. Twice in my life I've spent a week without power when the highs were below freezing.

Unemployment is another example. Have you ever asked your other members of your household what would happen if everyone in the house were unable to work even for a short while? If you are the only source of income maybe they could imagine what it would be like if you were on longterm medical disability. In this economy longterm unemployment shouldn't be too hard to picture.

Problems that are milder and closer to home can help get someone acclimated to the idea of being responsible for yourself.

Good luck with it.

riverwalker said...

I agree with Bitmap. Sometimes using situations that they are familiar with as very real possibilities will often help them come around to your way of thinking, just a little bit slower getting there.


Speedgene said...

You are not alone in this. My family is like yours and I just keep on keeping on. My wife said I can't shoot all those gun at one time so why keep them and "food" storage takes up space she wants to use for other things. One of my grown kids can't see beyond next payday and now he lost his job! Prep on brother.

YeOldFurt said...

You're not alone brother, just got a few miles between you and us. We started by realizing what unemployment would do for us. So Bitmap and RW are offering the best kind of advice. Get 'em to start looking at what might be possible and they'll start thinking.
Meanwhile, keep up the good work and have faith.

Angela said...

You are doing the right thing and they will be grateful for it when those preps are needed. They are lucky to have you. :)

Bullseye said...

Humble Wife, thank you and I guess I am off kilter a little. I refuse to try to fit in when I know I was born to stand apart. Thank for your words of encouragment.

Felinae, and different I am. LOL I will keep on prepping no what matter what others say or think. I'm not griping or complaining I'm just talking ot myself man to man. Line from a Merle Haggard song. Thank ya much for the comment.

Bitmap, I don't preach too much hell fire, just try to let them know that we are in for some changes to our life style. I they don't want to hear that I guess, I don't either really but I am getting prepared. Thanks buddy.

Riverwalker, thank you my friend. I try to take baby steps with them. Just wish they could all learn to walk on their own soon. I march right one though. Thank you for stopping by my friend.

Speedgene, LOL man, you must live with her sister. It's tough to get the message through but I keep on keeping on brother. Thanks for the visit and please come back often. Good luck to you also.

YOF, I only wish we where closer my friend. It's friends like you that keep me on track. Thank you much my dear friend.

Angela, thank you for that, means a lot to me. I know you are one that sees the future and I know you are getting ready. Folks at your place are sure lucky too. Thanks for coming by.

HermitJim said...

Many of us get funny looks and snide remarks about what we do and where we are trying to be! However, even my 80 plus mother is starting to see the advantages of having a lot of extras in the pantry!

Now I have even convinced her to start paying closer attention to what is more rechargable batteries and such!

Just takes a while...but all you can do is to keep on keeping on!

Hang in there, my friend!

Bullseye said...

Uncle Jim, thank you my friend, that gives me hope. I'll keep on prepping for us all, bet on that.

Thanks again.

Did it MY way said...


That are more like you than you know. Keep up the good work. I to have family that make fun of me. My son just lost his job...not so funny any more. Gave him a three months suppy of food. He's got 90 days to start selling his toys before hunger finds him. Great wake up call for him and his wife.

See Ya

Bullseye said...

Did it my Way, Thanks my friend. Yep, not so funny when the wolf is at "your" door. Some folks just seem to want to learn the hard way. Good thing for your son you are a prepper. Good job buddy.

Brigid said...

You're not alone, and I to am trying to teach my child these traits.

You've been added to the blogroll.

Keep on, keeping on.

Bullseye said...

Brigid, your child is very lucky to have a mother such as yourself. And thanks for the add, it's and honor to be on your blog roll. Thank you for coming over, good to have you.

Pioneer Living said...

I am here for you brother....Hang in there. They will no what you have done for them soon.

Bullseye said...

Pioneer Living, thanks brother. It's good folks like you that keep me going in the right direction. Thanks for coming by brother.

TEAM HALL said...

Honestly, I thought "they'd" change their tune when they saw how much money was being saved! When people are still enjoying the "good life" and nothing bad has happened to them yet...they just aren't ready to listen!
March on, brother!!
Applauding your efforts...way up here in Canada!

Bullseye said...

Team Hall, things will never change them it seems. Maybe go hard times would be good for us all, make us appreciate things a little more. Til then, life is a party for them most of the time. Sorry to say. Thanks for you encouragment always...I march on.