Monday, November 16, 2009

Fuel Storage

I always try to keep extra fuel on hand, gasoline that is. As preppers we always try to get the best deal on things that we need and use on a regular basis. Do we not all use gasoline on a regular basis, like nearly everyday ?? That is why I store fuel, I use a lot of it. I have 8, 5 gallon gas cans, the plastic ones, that I keep my fuel in. I rotate this by adding them to my Jeep when I get below 3/4's of a tank. When I go to town I fill the cans back up, rotating them as I do this so I always have fresh gas.

Like I said, I have 8 of these, that's 40 gallons on hand just about all the time. This allows me to have fuel when the price goes up for a few days for NO reason. Once it comes back down I fill what cans I have used. Plus, in the event of a power outage I STILL HAVE FUEL. Last year in Kentucky there were some ice storms that left many without power for weeks, the gas stations too. It didn't happen where I live but west of me just a few hours drive. Some of those folks where in a world of hurt for fuel. So it's just a safe bet to keep some extra on hand.

I have bought all of my gas cans used at yard sales and the flea market. I usually pay around 5 bucks for them, new they are around 12 to 15 dollars. I am always on the lookout for more of them, watching at any yard sale that I see. I hope to get more, would like to be able to keep 100 gallons on hand. I store these in my outside storage building out of the weather and the sun. Gasoline will keep just fine with no additives for a good while. If you plan to keep it long term I would recommend adding some stabilizer. The 5 gal cans work great for me because they are fairly easy to handle and I don't need any pump of any kind to get the fuel from the can to my tank. The large 55 gallon barrels would require some kind of pump to get your fuel. The 5 gal cans are easy to handle, just grab 1 or 5 out of the building when you are heading to town or when the gas prices are more to your liking and fill them up.

We store other things we need, why not fuel too ? I buy when the price is lower and this saves me money. I hardly ever carry extra fuel with me because I am never far from home. Even when I visit my family in WV it's only less than half a tank in my Jeep from here to there. I never get under 3/4's of a tank so I always have enough fuel to get home now matter what. I stop along the way where I see the lowest price on fuel and keep my tank topped off. I feel that we as preppers should all have SOME fuel stored. It would be a shame for your bug out plan to hit the dirt because you where 2 gallons short of your destination. Ya'll think about that and let me know what you fuel storage plan is. I know my plan's not perfect but in this case some is better than none.

This is Bullseye... OUT !!!


Felinae said...

Sounds like a pretty good plan to me.

I know we have some fuel on hand, but I don't know how much. I never ask. (I know, coming from me that's hard to believe isn't it? lol!)

Good post!


Herbalpagan said...

we have 1 5gal can of deisel for the tractor, 1 3 gal can that is mixed for the chainsaw and 5 5gal cans. I always try to keep my tank topped off since it's 7 miles to the nearest gas pump, but there have been a time or two that I got busy and didn't think about it...I sure was glad that we had those cans or I'd have been taking a long walk!

Did it MY way said...

Great plan Bullseye. The 5 gallon containers is smart.

See Ya

TEAM HALL said...

Great post!!
They closed our gas station so it's a little hike to get some now. I have come "close" a couple of times...not a good feeling with little people in the car. I also HATE pumping gas...but I certainly could handle topping up all the time right from our "own shed".
Yup, you've converted me! I love this idea! lol
Hmmmm, now I'll have to clean out the shed...hooboy!

riverwalker said...

Simple and easy.

Always a good way to do things!

Great way to rotate your inventory.


Angela said...

Okay, here's my confession. I ran out of gas once on the highway (not freeway) coming home from town and ended up near a farm house. The folks there were feeding for their son who was out of town, so they found a gas can, but had to go to town to get gas in it for me. How embarrassing! I paid them for the gas and hoped I never ran into them again. Turns out they are quite active in the county politics and I'm a county delegate, so next county convention, there they were and he (smiling) asked if I'd run out of gas lately. Then the wife came over and said to her husband, "look dear, it's the girl from the highway". I've been a lot more careful about the gas tank since. You've got a great system to keep some stored. ;)

Bullseye said...

Felinae, thank you. It's just a good idea to keep extra on hand I think. And NO, I can't believe you haven't ask. LMAO !!

Thanks again.

Hebalpagan, good for you. So gald to know that others feel the same way. I don't mind to walk but I hate to have to walk for a reason such as that. Thanks for the comment and please come back.

Did It My Way, thanks buddy, they work great for me. Come back brother, always good to hear from ya.

Team Hall, I would be a shame to run out of gas with the littles out in the middle of nowwhere, even worse in the middle of somewhere I guess. It's just safe and smart to keep topped off and to have extra. Glad this inspired you to get some fuel stored. Let me know how it goes....please. Good to hear from you my dear friend. Stay Safe and Warm up there.

RW, I knew you would like this. Easy and simple, words to live by my friend. Thanks for the visit.

Angela, LOL !!! Thanks for sharing your story. Even more reason to have fuel stored. I know you will never be "the girl from the highway again". Thanks for the comment and I'm happy you like my plan. Come back and see me.

Pete Smith said...

I have 4 5gal cans and two 2 gal cans and I put stabilizer in just in case. I still need to get more 5 gal cans. I plan to hit the yard sales this weekend. And if all my plans fail I wil just get them at Wal-Mart. It's funny how some people don't even think about gas till they have none.

Bullseye said...

Pete, well brother you are way ahead of most people. We all need more 5 gal cans. LOL Love to have about 20 of them. Thanks for the comment and thanks for coming over. Good to ya.

Selous Scout said...

Don't forget to check local ordinances when storing fuel. Also check with the local Fire Department on rules and regulations for storing gasoline.

Next, don't discuss it with nieghbors who might become cocerned about you storing that much fuel and complain to the authorities about it.

I need to work on my own fuel storage as I would like to have a minimum of 50 gallons available.

Bullseye said...

Selous Scout, good advice. I never let anyone no what's around here, scare a lot of folks, ya know. And I have never checked with anyone to see if it was ok or allowed, I just do and to hell with them all. LOL