Friday, July 31, 2009

In a rut

No, I'm not in rut, I'm in a rut. Have been for a few days now and not sure why. Been mad at everyone and everything for no reason that I know of. Kinda been depressed too and not sure why. Like I have lost my best friend and that's not at all like me. Got to snap out of it and now !! Been avoiding people that I usually enjoy talking to. I have no idea why I am feeling this way either.

Maybe it's all the news and the gloom and doom that goes along with it, not sure. What I do know is that I have not been myself for the last week or so and I don't like, nobody else here does either I'm sure.

The family is gone for the weekend and I think they have a trip to Gatlinburg TN. planned next week too. Maybe this weekend will give me a chance to rest up a bit and take in some nice quite time. I need it, they need it, we all need it. Not sure if I will make the trip with them next week either. I think it's a school shopping/vacation kinda thing. Just not my style really. Now if they want to take a tent and we can all stay in the woods the whole time I may be game but not in them hotel motel get ups. No thanks, I stay here if that's the plan and I know it is. But, maybe if a mountian cabin is in the works I may be up for that. I could stay there and in the hot tub while they go do their thing, I could do that I guess.Either way, I have to get over this bad spell that I have been under.

Here's to a better day tomorrow.

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This is Bullseye...OUT !!!


Ken said...

...sorry to hear Brother,hell,if i had more money/ammo i'd say lets go shootin'...could go fishin' this evenin',although it's not nearly as stress relieving as burnin' powder...

...just keep fightin' the good fight Bullseye,

Herbalpagan said...

I've been experiencing the same thing. I've talked to a lot of people and many who are preppers/survivalist types are having the same thing happen. I'm told it's akin to what some folks used to call "fox hole syndrom"....we are working hard to be prepared, always thinking and planning. We hear every single days the lies the government is handing out and the stupid crap they are doing, and people won't listen to anything we say. We worry about what is coming, we worry about ours or family members loosing their jobs, we are ready, but nothing is happening that we can actually DO something about. Makes you jumpy. Kind of like if you were in a Foxhole waiting for the fighting to start, all psyched up and you here the tanks roll up and then....the generals tell you to stay put while they go off and have Christmas dinner.

Mayberry said...

Well, Herbal kinda took the words right outta my mouth... She's right. Down ya a few cold brewskis, re-center yerself, enjoy yer solitude, and get focused.

Heh heh heh, like Ken, if'n I were closer, I'd come over and go fishin', or shootin' with ya. Hang in there, and yes we will win....

American Prepper said...

Hang in there buddy, I've been feeling same way lately

Felinae said...

Bullseye, my friend, I am sorry you still aren't feeling better.

I wish I could do or say something to help you get over your rut, but I have a feeling nothing will help. Just know I am thinking of you, sending positive thoughts.

Well I guess I could tell you what YeOldFurt told me, he made me laugh, maybe it might just make you smile too....Just remember You, I and YOF always have leather ;D LOL!

Feel better soon

Staying Alive said...

Herbalpagan has pretty well hit it. The remedy is not easy to achieve. The time of prepping is almost over and the test begins. Time to just sit put of teh porch and lay your rifle across your lap and relax. Enjoy a little breeze. Watch the kids and the critters. And let the peace of God rule in your heart. The crap of this world will be along soon enough.


Northwoods said...

You're not alone with your feelings my friend.
For me it's a knot in my gut and the neck hairs a tinglin'. A feeling of imminent but unseen danger. Like somebodys got the cross hairs on Ya but "where the hell are they"?
A feeling like the rehearsal's over and it's almost curtain time.
NO it ain't paranoia it's simply God given instinct!
Hang in there Buddy!

Catman said...

Blow something up! Find an old car, or stump and pack it full of something that goes "BOOM"!

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

All black post, my man-- I can't read it. Sorry you're not feelin it... seems it's all of us.

Hang tight, Brother...


Bullseye said...

Ken, thanks brother, means a lot coming from you. Shootin' and fishin', how could that NOT help. Thanks a bunch man.

Herbalpagan, I think you just hit a Bullseye. I AM in the Foxhole, waiting for the bullets to start flying overhead. Gets me kinda jumpy I guess. Thank you very much for coming over to comment. I know you know how I am feeling and others are feeling it too. Sorta glad it's not just me. Thanks again.

Mayberry, LOL buddy, chatting with Ye Old Furt last night and he said we needed to go fishing too. I can just see us all, you, me, Ken, Ye Old Furt on a fishing trip. You can bet the eyes and ears of Big Brother would be tuned in for that one. LOL And they had damn well better too. LOL Thanks a lot man, I appreciate your comment. Just kicked back taking it easy these next few days. It helps some.

AP, thanks my man, hanging on with both hands. You take care out there. Thanks a bunch.

Felinae, thanks for all the positive energy, I can feel it coming from all over today. Oh yea, Got Leather ?? I do.... LOL Thank you my friend.

Michael, thanks buddy. I think you are right, once again. it's near crunch time and we all know and feel it. Some good old front porch times sounds real good to me. Rocking and enjoying the time that we have left is probably the best anyone can do. Thanks for coming over to comment. Appreciate all you do on your blog to help keep us all on track.

Northwoods, hangin' on tight brother with both hands. You took the words right out of my mouth. I see many others are feeling it too. It's near go time and I just wnat to be on the front line I guess. I stand ready and willing to do my part, just want to get it on. Thank you very much and stay safe up there.

Catman, I LOVE the way you think brother. Only thing is I'm down to 2 cars. Ah hell, I'm sure the neighbors have some I can use.....LOL Thanks brother.

Cygnus, my long lost brother. Seems several are having probs viewing my blog at times, not sure what's up with that. Got a buddy working on my .com and should be up and running a a week or so and that should solve all the trouble. In the mean time, thanks for trying to see what's up over here anyhow, ya just never know what's next here man. LOL Thanks a million and love and peace to you my friend.

erniesjourney said...

Hey Bull - I can't see any articles on your site for some reason - just blank where they should be but if click on comments I can get in here! What's up with that?

I got a jist of what you are talking about from the comments. I can assure you that we all are "feeling it" - waiting for the shoe to drop. It's like the hubster says - "just wish they would hurry up and get it over with." Just hang in there - you have many friends in this and we will stand together in spirit. I feel better knowing that you all are out there and on the same page and we are doing something - we are preppers til the end!!

TEAM HALL said...

Sounds like someone needs a hug! lol
10 days ago I couldn't take it any longer....same thing happening here too! Well actually add in the feeling of failure to the mix. All that time, money and energy into cabin/farm...and it was a complete failure!
You know, we put too much pressure on ourselves. We prep like mad sometimes even being ridiculed along the way but we little thing goes wrong and we come unglued. The "sheeple" are supposed to be failing at stuff - not US! We are the prepared ones...the ones that go the extra mile to ensure nothing bad happens. Well, I had to realize that sometimes shit happens even to US.
You need to relax a little...shut it off and shut it down even for a day. And if that doesn't help...well maybe you DO just need a HUG afterall! hehe
Hang in there Bud...this too shall pass!

Bullseye said...

Big E, thanks a bunch gal, appreciate that a whole lot. I'm doing some better today, just gonna chill for a while. Really there's nothing else I can do, ya know. Keep safe and watch your six.

Team Hall, So good to hear from you my dear friend. Sorry to hear that things are shit up your way too, happens everywhere I guess. One foot in front of the other...everyday. We are all going to be OK when this thing gets started and when it's over we well be left standing. Thanks for stopping by, good to hear from ya.