Monday, July 27, 2009

From point A to point B, that's all

That's all a vehicle really is, a means to get from point A to point B, nothing more. Simply a means to an end if you will. I, like many, have wasted my share of money on vehicles in my days but not any more. We have 2 vehicles now, my 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee and a 2004 Pontiac Vibe. We sold our Dodge Grand Caravan a few months ago and got rid of that expense. Even when your vehicles are paid for they still cost you money, insurance is a must and not cheap either, fuel, taxes, maintenance and so on are still there when the payments are gone. Now sure we all want to have the nicest of the nice to cruise around town in but is it really worth all that??

I bring this up because I have been looking at a new Ford F-250 Crew Cab with a Power Stroke Diesel. In doing a little research you will find that the price tag of such a truck is an unbelievable $55,000 !!! Now first let me say that I would love to have this truck but WILL NOT ever pay such an amount even if I had millions hid under my mattress. Will Rogers once said "Americans will be the only people in the world to drive to the poor house in a brand new car". Now just think about how true that is in today's world. I know many people that just barely scrap by because of their car payments and insurance on a vehicle that can take them nowhere that my 97 Jeep can't go. Many of these people are finding themselves in a position that leaves them no choice but to let them go back to the finance company thus losing all the money they have paid plus and value of a trade in they may have had. Many times this can add up to 10's of thousands of dollars.

One good thing about the economy being in such poor shape is that the price of things, all things used, are way down. Used cars and trucks can be had for pennies on the dollar these days. Just check craigslist in your area and take a look at the bargains to be had. I check craigslist everyday to see what is available in my area and always find great deals on something. I hardly ever buy anything but it lets me get a pretty good idea of what things are selling for.

This post is really for those that have those car payments starving them to death. I have four words for you, GET RID OF IT !!! Call your finance company and let them know they are getting them a car back. Save your money and buy something that fits your needs and pay cash. You may have to settle for something that has a scratch on it but it beats looking into the eyes of hungry babies. Come on, do we really need that high priced vehicle just to try to impress people that you don't even know or that know you ? Is it worth going without the things you and your family really need. I know of people that have $500 and $600 car payments and have heard of others that pay even more. What the hell were these people thinking ? That's $6 or $7000.00 dollars a year and for God only knows how many years. I see many cars and trucks that can be had for less than a years worth of those payments, good ones too.

So lets quit starving our mouths to death just to give our ass a ride. Say no to that new car offer you get in the mail everyday. Get rid of your over priced car and buy a good used one that fits your needs and your budget. Put that extra money into preps for your family. Just think what $500 could do for your food storage, you personal protection, or even paying off your home or credit card debt. Get your ass out of that high priced ride and get out of debt now. You can spend 50 K if you want on a car but when you get where you're going just remember that my 97 Jeep with 214,000 miles will take me to the same place and at nearly the same speed as yours.

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This is Bullseye...OUT !!!


Bitmap said...

The only part where I disagree with you is getting rid of paid for vehicles. I like to have a spare vehicle that can carry the entire family so if one of the primary vehicles is down for repairs or is in an accident then we can all still get around.

It's a tradeoff. I'm willing and able to spend the money to keep a spare that one of us drives once a week or so to keep up. Liability insurance only isn't very expensive. Putting few miles on it means the tires, brakes, oil, etc. last longer. With the local garage currently running more than a week behind it's worth it to me.

$55,000 should be a house, not a vehicle. That high price new is why even old ones with 200k miles are outrageously expensive.

Anonymous said...

Great post Bullseye. You're exactly right an automobile can be a huge unnecessary expense. This goes right along with my post about budgeting. We Kentuckian's think alike!

Kentucky Preppers Network

Felinae said...

Excellent advice Bullseye.


cj428 said...

Goverment regulations, inane safty rules, bloated saleried work forces( We had 1400 hourly workers at the plant I worked at and over 300 saleried. Then they started makeing cuts in the saleried work force. When they got down to 185 they couldn't see how they could cut any more. Toyota would of had about 60-65 in a plant that size) These are just A few of the factors that make up the $55,000 price tag of A vehicle that cost $27000 to manufacture.

Ken said...

...good post Brother...sad to see such waste,isn't it ?...i haven't bought a new vehicle since 1995,when i got my 96 Bronco...told the Mrs then,that it would be the last one i ever bought,and it was...

...and speaking of yer F-250 @ 55k...the F-150 i looked at was 35k,and it wasn't even 4WD...sad...really sad...

Catman said...


Have you thought about looking into local, county and state vehicle auctions?

Vehicles used by EMS and police agencies are maintained very well.

Bullseye said...

Bitmap, I agree that getting rid of the ones that are paid for may not be the best idea. All of ours are paid for, even the Van that we sold. Just don't need 3 cars and the Van was used the least. I wish now that we had kept it, I miss it now that it's gone.

Matt, thanks buddy. Got to keep the costs down as best we can.

Felinae, that's so much my friend.

cj428, I think you just hit a bullseye with that comment. Right on target. Thanks and come back soon.

Ken, my Brother, thanks a bunch and hang on to the Bronco til the doors fall off buddy. Then throw them in the back and keep on truckin.

Catman, never thought about that one man, gonna look into that and see what my be available in me area. Thanks for the idea my friend.

Thank you all for your comments, always food to hear from you all.

Anonymous said...


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Mayberry said...

It's a damn shame that all these "urban cowboys" have driven up the price of pickups so that those of us who actually use them can't afford them....

And now's "cash for clunkers" scam is gonna drive up the cost of the old beaters beyond the reach of us poor folk... Sure wish I could get me a one ton diesel before they're illegal, and the used ones unaffordable....

My "point A to point B" almost always involves a trailer, or payload of some sort. My truck beds have always been beat and scratched all to hell. Unlike some 10 year old trucks I've seen without a single scratch in the bed!

Bullseye said...

Osterholt Scams, thank you very much. Come back often.

Mayberry, the last truck I had was a 1990 Chevy 4x4. Had to sell it off with just about everything else 5 years ago. Times went from very good to very bad after I broke my back in 04. I was able to hang on to my Old Jeep though. I would love to have a F-250 Crew Cab 4x4 with a power stroke in it but it's way out of my reach really. Oh well, don't really need it anyway. LOL I damn sue want on though. Thanks for coming over man, appreciate it.

Riverwalker said...

UBPF's (Used But Paid For) are the best vehicles out there. I'm like Bitmap and keep a third vehicle (my 15 passenger bug-out van) as a spare and it has come in handy many a time not only for myself but for other family members when a breakdown occurs. Great post Bullseye!


BTW, Sorry I haven't been commenting much on your blog lately but some new job duties have made it hard just to keep my posts up at Stealth!

Bullseye said...

RW, missing my Van for sure buddy. When we did use it, it was great but just didn't use it that much. And hey buddy, don't worry about comments, just good to know all is well with you my friend.

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