Monday, April 6, 2009

Seeds scarce as green thumbs grow

I told you that seeds are in big demand. Once you have your heirloom Survival Seed Vault you won't need to worry anymore about the price or availability of seeds. The Survival Seed Vault comes with instructions on how to save the seeds for the crops you grow so you can have a supply for years to come. I still say that good quality heirloom seeds will be the greatest barter item you can have in your possession once it HTF. Check out the story below.

Author: Michael Reneau
Source: The Herald-News

Vegetable growers may find this year's seed supply sapped as the arid economy spurs a rush of first-time farmers. New planters seeking relief from food costs are causing some local farm supply stores to see shortages this spring. Store operators said that planters should start buying seed as soon as possible. Pennine Farm Supply and Country Store owner David Tatum said he is already out of some types of potato, sweet corn and stringless green bean seeds, though he has plenty of other seeds in stock. "Demand is definitely up," said the owner of the Spring City store. Meanwhile, owners of Bart's Feed and Seed in Dayton said they have only been able to get 10 percent of the stock they have in the past. Employees at both stores said one of the main reasons for the increased demand is the emergence of first-time planters, mostly people trying to save money while the economy flounders. "I think they're concerned with the economy," Tatum said. "In our area there have been a lot of layoffs." He said he's seen an increase in first-timers who work at local companies, particularly La-Z-Boy in Dayton and Huber Engineered Woods, LLC, in Spring City who have let workers go. Planting your own vegetables is often less expensive than purchasing produce at grocery stores, Tatum said. "They can get more out of that same $100 than they can at the grocery store," Tatum said. Bart's operators agreed. "You can raise your own stuff, can it freeze it and save it over the winter." Leonard Thomas is a frequent shopper at Bart's and has planted his own garden for several years. He said it's been nearly impossible to find sweet corn and cabbage this season. He also thinks new planters are the reason for the shortage. "More and more homeowners are starting to grow their own vegetables," he said. Pennine's owner said the increase in supply isn't the only factor involved in the lack of seeds. Flooding in the mid-west last year also ruined crops, decreasing available supply this year, Tatum said.

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This is Bullseye...OUT !!!


Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Glad for the links, Bullseye.
Got a lot of Seed stocked (heirlooom), but never can have enough info and sources...


Bullseye said...

Cygnus, I doubt we ever have enough of either one. I still have seeds saved from 12 years ago and I still want to buy more. Heirloom seeds will be worth their weight in cold in the very near future. Bean seeds are already getting hard to come by in many places as the sheep begin to wake up. Thanks for the visit brother, always good to have ya.

Bitmap said...

It's not only seeds. The manager of a local farm store told me that he is having trouble getting chickens in and they sell as soon as they come in.

Humble wife said...

My local feed store owner told me when I questioned him about the empty seed rack that the distributor only sent a fourth of the amount he usually gets. You bet your back end people are wising up somewhat to by seeds and begin a garden.

Bitmap is right about the chicks too. I placed my order for new chicks on line McMurray hatchery- on February 2...they were back ordered and I will be getting my chicks next week. I am so glad that we had a small number of chicks hatch on the farm, as next year, I am going to isolate my broody hens and fill their nests with fertile this is crazy!

Good post once again!

Mayberry said...

This is the kind of shortage I'm glad to see! People prepping. People taking charge of their own welfare. Hell yeah.....

Bullseye said...

Bitmap, thanks for pointing that out. I had no idea that chickens were hard to get too. Glad I got some now. I have 7 hens, no rooster to service them though. I can get chickens at the flea market for around 5 bucks any weekend. Sounds like I best be getting me a rooster for my hens. could probably sell a few chicks. Oh yea, get yer seeds man.

Humble Wife, shortage seems to be everywhere too. I'm sure glad I got my seeds ordered before their all gone this year. Like I said, heirloom seeds are gonna be worth their weight in gold real soon. Get some as soon as you can and get extra if you can. Good luck with the chickens too.

Mayberry, you're right buddy. This kind of shortage can only mean that the sheeple are finally starting to see the light. Ammo is another thing that we all know is in short supply. Again, that means they are wakeing up all over, and that's a good thing. Thanks for coming over man, good to have ya.

Bitmap said...

"Ammo is another thing that we all know is in short supply. Again, that means they are wakeing up all over, and that's a good thing."

The downside of that could be that creeps and gangs are paying attention, too.