Tuesday, April 7, 2009

City folk can garden too

Now when I say city folk I mean those that live in them apartments and such. I know you don't have access to a large garden plot or anything like that. But you can still raise some of your own food in pots on a small balcony or deck. I even have pots sitting on the table close to a window so they can get a little light and they do just fine. You can use just about any kind of container too, empty milk jugs, coffee cans, plastic liter bottles with the top cut off, you name it. You can find something to plant seeds in if you just look around and think a little, I know ya can. The Essential Pack is designed just for people that have limited space like you. You get 21 varieties and over 33,000 seeds, enough for 1 person for 1 year. And their heirlooms seeds so you can save the seed from you plants and have even more seed for next year.

Seeds are going like crazy, the Homestead Pack at $249 and the Farm Pack at $499 are already out of stock. As the sheeple are beginning to wake up things like ammo and guns and heirlooms seeds are in BIG DEMAND!! Don't miss your chance to buy seeds...

Essential Pack $69.00

Seed Pack Description
The Essential Pack of Non-Hybrid Seeds is the minimum seed supply that any single person should have. Even if you are not a gardener and have little growing space, you should have the security of Non-Hybrid Seeds on your shelf. The Essential Pack contains varieties that are chosen for high nutritional content and ease of growth. The Essential Pack is a minimum amount of seeds for emergency or essential necessity. For larger quantity of seeds for storage see Suburban Pack, and Family Pack. For wholesale, investment-grade seeds, see the Homestead and Farm Packs. If you live in the city with only rooftop, window or balcony growing space, the Urban Pack is designed for you needs.

Seed Pack Contents
The Essential Pack contains 21 varieties of high-nutrient vegetables, grains and legumes for approximately 1 person for approximately 1 year. All varieties are 100% non-hybrid, allowing you to save the seeds for future planting. At 1LB weight and 33,000+ seed count, this pack is a must-have for yourself or as a gift for loved ones. Still deciding? See our Pack Comparison chart for an overview.
Still shopping seed suppliers?

non hybrid seed pack

Get 'em while you can.

This is Bullseye...OUT !!!


www.GreenvilleRoad.info said...

Okay, well I got my 'three sisters'. http://tinyurl.com/3sister

A bit different than what you posted before but as I state you make do with what ya got. Keep up the good work!

Humble wife said...

I read a blogger in Germany and she has had mini indoor gardens her whole life. Good post and thanks again for letting everyone know that prepping is possible anywhere.