Monday, April 20, 2009

New Poll Up - Please Vote !!

I have a new poll up and would love to have a lot of honest votes just so we can all see how well prepared we are compared to others. You will find the poll on the right hand side of the blog. I have the poll set to run for 10 days and I would like to get at least a 200 votes so please help me out here if you will. Tell others about the poll and have them vote too, the more votes we have the better we can understand our present preparedness level.

Be sure to get your Survival Seed Vault and your Survival Gear.

This is Bullseye...OUT !!!


erniesjourney said...

We will be fine and can survive, but are aiming for more to make it easier. Waiting for some more money LOL! Got 4 more oil lamps this weekend at the flea markets around here - just need to stock up on oil. Would like to have about 100 cases of smokes too LOL but have seeds and can grow own and smoke a pipe - yeah, picture that one Bull - little ole me with a pink john deer hat, sitting out by the pond at dusk smokin' a pipe LMAO!

Was very jealous because no one had rain barrels like u stumbled on!

HermitJim said...

Hey Bullseye...can't ever have too much, I'm thinking!

In this case, more is better!

Catman said...

We'll be fine for food, water and other necessities. Should probably lay in some more booze.

Definitely need more tobacco products for barter. The problem is the only think I use is cigars, and not all that frequently (that may change as the stress level goes up - but if the SHTF I won't be able to light em because they'll be a dead give away). Cigarettes and pouch tobacco will go stale since no one uses them.

Anyone have any tips on long term storage of tobacco? I've kept cigars (in a good quality humidor) for 3 years without refrigeration, a tad on the dry side, but still good.

Bullseye said...

Big E, Way to go on the flea market preps, you just can't beat the flea market if you ask me. I can just see ya know Ernie, all kicked back with a gun strapped on and the smoke all around ya, too cool. Keep your eye out for the rain barrels, there out there.

Uncle Jim, I agree 100%. Thanks for coming over.

Catman, the coolest cat of all, I would love to have a few cases of smokes put away too brother. I'll be looking for a way to store them and will let ya know when I do. Thank ya much brother.

Shy Wolf said...

Catman- smokes can be kept for long periods when stored Nav fashion in airtight waxed paper with the joints sealed. Makes them moisture/air proof and those who want them won't really care all that much, IMO. They'll want the fix more than concern for the quality.

Bullseye said...

Thanks Shy, good idea buddy.