Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Home Alone

You may remember in a few posts back I mentioned that Mrs. Bullseye was staying with her grandmother who lives about 4 hours away. Her GM has liver cancer and is not doing well at all. The kids have been staying with me but this past weekend I took them to stay the spring break week with their mother and other grandparents. I came back on Sunday afternoon and have been home alone since that time. Now let me say that I love my family very much but, this has been a pretty nice break for me too, if ya know what I mean. I miss them dearly but have been staying busy, very busy. I have spent most of the time in the garden, plowing, tilling and planting what can be planted this early. I got 50 lbs of seed potato planted, 30 cabbage plants, about 50 red onion and a few lbs of green onion, oh yea, planted a row of broccoli too. Got 2 apple tress at Lowes and planted them in the front yard, been meaning to get some fruit trees for a while now. Glad to have that much done anyway. My Survival Seed Vault should be here any day now, looking forward to getting those heirloom seeds. If your in the market for seeds, and you should be, please click the banner on the side to learn more about the benefits of heirloom seeds, nothing better.

Been eating real good too. I made me a big pot of pinto beans Monday and have been eating the hell out of 'em. A big bowl of beans and a good sweet onion makes a mighty good meal after working all day. I got some warming on the stove now, tomorrow should finish them up I'd say. Been home since Sunday and just turned the TV on last Found a good movie on late ( 88 minutes ) and then off to bed. It's quiet here now....almost too quiet. I sure miss my baby girl, I miss them all but the 3 year old is with me 24/7. She's having a great time with my Mom and Dad though, it's good for us all I guess.

Lot a crazy shit can go though a mans head when left alone. If any of you have ever been home without your family there for very long you know what I'm talking about. LOL

Not been spending any money on preps this week, not really had the money. I think working in the garden to secure my food source is a pretty good prep anyway. It's nice to have more guns and ammo but they're kinda hard to eat when you get hungry. Anyway that's what's going on in my little world.

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This is Bullseye...OUT !!!


Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Man, that garden and them pot o beans... Ain't no better living, Brother!

Sounds like a hell of a garden, Bullseye! Best of Nature to it!

Catman said...

That crazy stuff in your head.....stay away from Craigslist...hahaha...

HermitJim said...

I hear ya on those beans, my brother...throw in some cornbread, and that's a really good meal!

Probably best the family isn't there for the aftermath of eating all those beans, though!

Anonymous said...

I hear you on the 'alone for a bit' thoughts, I love my kids (10 and 7) but when alone, can hear myself think for a change. Sure is quiet overnight though - I get lonesome, or maybe I'm just used to the din.

Quick and easy simple foods are great. Last night, wife and daughter went out for most of night, so boy and I had a chance to 'bachelor meal' it. Mac n Cheese it was, my big a$$ bowl with several packets of salsa packets and a can of tomato, okra and corn - yummy! If that was my bean pot, I would have put 1/2 and onion in there, about 4 -5 strips of cut up cooked bacon and maybe a jalepeno (with seeds cut out) for extra kick. Maybe mash them beans after cooked and wrap inside a tortilla - thats good grazing.

Bullseye said...

Cygnus, Thanks buddy, I agree, nothing better. Gonna post some garden pics in a week or so.

Catman,How did you know what I was doing man???? LOL

Hermit Jim, Good thing it's been nice enough to be outside during this bean festival, would have to open some windows otherwise. lol

Anon, sounds like you got a good handle on things there man. I love Mac & Cheese, have it a few times a week. The kids love it too so it's a good easy meal for me to fix them.

Thank you all for your comments, it's good to hear from ya.