Monday, March 16, 2009

US Army Field Manuals --- FREE !!

Here is a FULL LIST of US Army Field Manuals that you can view free of charge. I just know my people will want to bookmark this link for future use. Print anything that is of value to you, not going to be available when it hits the fan ya know. Maybe even burn a copy if you can. This is the best list of FREE manuals I have ever seen.

Going to put a link on my sidebar too just in case you need it later.

This is Bullseye... OUT !!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Bullseye,
Just what I needed.
What are your thoughts on a field surgical kit? Major injuries such as breaks, severe joint separations, major gashes?

Bullseye said...

YeOldFurt, thanks. I beleive that a field surgical kit would be a great addition to anyones preps. First Aid is something that far too many people over look while gathering supplies. We must be able to take care of ourselves and others when it hits the fan. Hospitals are going to be out of the question. Plus it's just good to have on hand in any case.

Thanks a bunch for your comment, please come back.

Bustednuckles said...

If ya are going to print that stuff out, I recommend a whole box of printer paper and several ink cartridges.
A couple of those items are six hundred pages long, as I recall.

Bullseye said...

You got that right Busted, better just print what you need. I'd say you can burn a copy of the whole thing though, that would probably be better.