Saturday, March 21, 2009

Today's Preps

Made a Flea Market run this morning just to see what might be there that I could use. Got lucky and found these food grade 55 gal. barrels for $7.00. Bought the last 5 the guy had, said he brought 21 with him this morning and they where going like crazy. Gave 2 to my in laws, they been wanting some too. Got the guys number and he said to call him next week and he would drop me a load of 21 if I wanted. Between what I want and a few other guys I know, we can take a load of them. He gets them from the Pepsi plant and they still have some syrup in them, you can smell it. Gonna make rain barrels out of them, think they will work great. Damn good price too, seem 'em for $15 - $20 everywhere else. Glad to have them.

Well my ammo supplier at the Flea Market finally got some shells in. I got the last box of 9mm's he had left. He's been out of 9mm for the last 5 weeks. He seemed to have plenty of other shells though, the ones I want are always hard to get it seems. Anyway, good to have 50 more rounds.

Picked up the hand crank flashlight today too, $3.00. Amazon sells 'em for $10 so this has to be a good deal. Brand new in the pak. Crank for 1 minute and get 20 minutes of light. May pick up a few more for future barter. Their cheap enough that I don't mind just sitting on them till TSHTF, may not be long anyway.

Felt real good driving home with things that I KNOW will be useful and got a good deal on them too. Hell of a lot of people at the Flea Market too, lots of good stuff pretty cheap. Seen all kinds of guns, 22's and 12ga everywhere. Not many SKS's to be had now days but plenty of shooters out there still. 22's bringing anywhere for $100-$175 depending on the brand. Had a mighty nice Stevens with a nice scope and a 10rd clip for $140 that I would have loved to give a ride home, but passed for now. Need a good rifle like that and I think they will get cheaper as the bottom drops outa the economy, everything else is. Used stuff is cheap and if you got a little cash there are some great deals to be had. Shit......probably should've bought that 22......I hate when I think too much on stuff...always talk myself out of it. Maybe the guy will still have it tomorrow.

This is Bullseye...OUT !!!


Humble wife said...

I love the barrels! What a good deal. We have some sort of a coke bottling in the local city so I am going to check this out.

On the other issue, we decided that anything under $300.00 without any paper is a deal for us. Times have been changing under our noses for so long that many have no clue.

Bullseye said...

Hey Jennifer, good to have you back. I am lovin these barrels too, great deal on them too. Be sure to check with the bottling plant to see if you can get some, this guy must be getting them cheap or for free, either way I am glad to pay 7 bucks for them.

You are right about the guns for sure. I have bought most of mine at the Flea Market, paper free.

Thanks for stopping by and taking time to comment, appreciate ya.

Ken said...

...bummer,i bought two like those last summer,for rain barrels,paid twenty bucks,dude wanted 15 each...thought i was gettin a deal,had seen'em going for as much as twenty...each... me a couple of those hand crank lights,one is just a flashlight,one is radio/flashlight too...didn't think about using them as barter items,bought them last summer as well...oh well,live and

Bullseye said...

Ken, at 10 each these are still a great deal man. I just got lucky. Gonna use them for rain barrels too, forgot to mention that I guess. Got to do some gutter work first, ours needs to be replaced really. May make do.

The flashlights are really nice too. Gonna get more of them if they have 'em next time. The Flea Market is only like 10 miles away, just the other side of town.

Thanks a lot my brother. Keep on preppin'.

Ken said...

...oops...ya did say you were gonna use them for rain barrels...don't know how i missed it the first time

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Love the Rain barrels ,my man! Really really good price, too!

Thanks for the tip.

Bitmap said...

I'm afraid that the prices on firearms won't fall as fast as many other items. DVD players, stereos, TVs, and fancy cars are luxury items, but firearms are not really in that catagory and many people will be reluctant to let them go. The only exception might be the guy with a large collection that includes several of one type.