Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Todays Preps

We had to go to town today, I had one of them Dr. appt.'s, I hate them SOB's. I decided that if I have to go to town I'm gonna get me some preps while I'm there. Extra cash is pretty slim right now, like there really is any such thing as extra cash. I have extra shoes but I have never had extra cash before. I know you know what I'm talking about. The only thing I consider extra is what change I save. I usually save it up for something that I really want that costs a little more but today I spent what I had. I have decided that from now on I will spend my money as the situation presents itself. Today's situation was going to town and right by a store with canned goods on sale. After listening to my Dr.s same line of bullshit we went over to a box store that sells groceries. I had $16.42 in change. They had canned veggies 5 for $2.00. After a little math in my head I decided that I could get 40 cans of veggies for my food storage and still have .42 cents left. Not bad, not bad at all. I got 10 cans of corn, 10 cans of peas, 10 cans of green beans and 10 cans of carrots. As I boxed up my goods I had a smile on my face the Devil couldn't have wiped off. Now, I spent all my extra cash today, is that a good thing to do?? Well today I know what my money will buy, tomorrow may be different. If it hits the fan tonight, these goods may not be available tomorrow for any price. Just venturing out to try to get them would be walking into a battle field too. I'm not saying to go and spend all of your prep money today but I am warning you that the value of your money is not stable. I chose to spend mine today while I know it's worth, I'm taking no chances on what tomorrow might bring. As the saying goes "A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush". What's your thoughts??


Ken said...

...speaking of such 'opportunities',i've been shopping at a local 'salvage' grocery store...big savings...cambells tomato soup,3 for a dollar,lots of veggies,mixed varieties,4 for a dollar...been a coupon clippin' fool too...i spent about 18 dollars,give or take...not too bad for a weeks worth of 'sustanance'

HermitJim said...

Killing 2 birds with one rock is a good thing! Seems like we guys are all on the same wave married guys must be makin' the spouses proud of ya!

Gotta just LUV those bargains!

Catman said...

I dunno about that one, HermitJim. My wife still thinks I'm nuts.

I agree with you, Bullseye. Take advantage of opportunities as they present themselves. You never know what the dawn will bring.

Bullseye said...

Ken, salvage grocery store?? Never heard of one but will be looking for sure. You got GREAT bargins. Good job, coupons are a way of life for me too, always has been.

HermitJim, Na, not too proud of me. She think's it's all crazy, she lives in fantasy land, like most.

Catman, know the feeling man, mines the same way. I hopes to have enough change by next week to get another box of 9mm shells. Got to go back to the Dr. next Friday. Need about 10 bucks change, gonna raid the ol ladies purse for some jingle on Thursday. hehe!!

Thank you brothers for your comments and I am glad that you all seem to agree that I did the right thing. Thanks for your encouragment, always.

Staying Alive said...

Damn good hunting! And while I have herd of 'damaged goods' stores I have never run up on one. Sure would shop there a lot! Five cans for $2 ain't too shabby. I'd buy it.


TEAM HALL said...

Well now that's one way to drive a Canadian gal crazy...talking about the prices you guys pay. It is a miracle when we can get them for a buck a can! Really!! We pay over $4 for butter and $6 for a 3-bagger of milk.
If it's any consolation, I'm really proud of yah!!

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

I think you're right! When wally-world doesn't have stocked shelves, a piece of silver-coated copper won't get you My can o' beans!
Can't buy what aint there, and the low nutrient value and funky taste of a buffler head, well...

Meantime, while Sammy Sheeple is trying to little too late, i'll be taking you up on that hunting offer... :)

I'm a little guilt ridden sometime about "extra" money going for "extra" stuff, but money for food.. never have seen any "extra" of either, y'know?

theotherryan said...

A dozen cans of food is never a bad thing to have.

Bullseye said...

Michael, I've been looking and asking around about a Salvage grocery and no one here seems to know of one. It would be nice to have some dented cans in storage. Thanks man.

Team Hall, a buck a can?? $4 for butter. You need a goat and a churn in a bad way. lol

Cygnus, hey man, extra is a word that is used too loosely by some I think. 'Extra Money' what the hell is that? Never extra, just some I haven't paid someone with yet. lol. You have a place to hunt with me any time brother.

theotherryan, my feelings to man. Id rather have 'em as not.

Thank you all for your input, glad you agree with my decision.

Anonymous said...

It's better to have than to not have. One thing about "specials" always check the expiration date on these goods.