Saturday, January 3, 2009

Blowgun Survival

We have been cleaning out some here at our place and I found a Blowgun that I forgot about having. I do that a lot, forget things. I bought this Blowgun about 10 years ago while on a little trip to TN. I think I got it at a Karate supply store. Pretty cheap from what I remember, maybe 10 or 15 bucks. I'm sure I would not have paid much more than that at the time. It's really pretty nice, 5ft. long aluminum and it even has a 10 dart quiver and shoulder strap. This is the darts that came with it, (you can buy broad head type darts) they are about the size of a pencil lead. I'm not the kinda guy that has plenty of lung power (I'm smoker trying to quit) but even with this little dart you can easily penetrate a board. I mean to the point that you have to take pliers to get it out. With a little practice I can see where one could hit a target at say 20 - 25 yards very consistently. This is another time test weapon that is still being used today by tribes around the world. Cheap, Stealth ammo delivery. And you can make one yourself, gun and darts. Just another example of a primitive weapon that is available. Your arsenal doesn't have to be full of expensive guns that are both loud and costly to shoot, pretty cool if it is though. hehe!!

Here it is in full length, pretty nice blowgun. Here's a link where you can buy them new for as little as $7.00 and up to, are you ready for this, $30.00. I'm pretty sure anyone can find the cash for this great survival and defense weapon. Hey man, people have been hunting with these things for years so don't blow off the idea of owning a blowgun. Search the net and see what you can find and I'm sure you will be impressed with the price and possibility of these time tested and proven weapons that anyone can buy.

This is Bullseye....OUT !!!


Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Dangit man, you got the COOLEST toys!

And another brilliant "idea" we've all likely held but forgotten about.
THANKS!!! seven bucks, and great for small foul; quiet; efficient; effective.

Good heads up, my man!


Mayberry said...

"Blow off". Nyuck nyuck nyuck!! I'll have to add that to my list. I reckon that would be called "squirrel killah".....

HermitJim said...

I had one of these once...made from aircraft aluminum tubing...pretty strong.

A lot of fun and could be handy in a pinch!

Bullseye said...

Cygnus, Thanks man. Toys are what makes the world go round. hehe!! I ran acroos this thing today and my thoughts went wild. I forgot about having it too, crazy. And like I said Anyone Can Buy One or make one.

Mayberry, Never blow off the blowgun idea. lol Add it to your long list of goodies. I'm gonna play around with this thing over the next few days and see what I can do with it.

Thanks for the comments guys, keeps me going.


Bullseye said...

Jim, this one is pretty strong too. As you say, could be real handy. A lot of options with a cheap weapon like this.

Thanks for stopping by Jim.


Ken said... toy,a friend had one that was shorter,so i guess they come in a variety of lengths too eh ?...after you play,post and fill me(us)in...

Bullseye said...

Ken, I have seen them from 12 inches up to 60. I'll let ya know how it goes with a little practice. Thanks Brother,


Staying Alive said...

Might be just the thing for squirrels and birds. Cheap shootin' too! I thank ye, sir.


Catman said...

You got me curious Bullseye. Here's a how-to if people want to experiment before buying a commercial piece.

Good out of the box thinking.

This site has a recipe for curare in case you want to make poison darts.

Bullseye said...

Michael, would be pretty handy to have for sure. And yes, cheap too.

Catman, thanks man. I think it would be cool to build your own. How bout you make one and shows us. hehe!! Then we can learn all the tips and tricks along the way.

Thanks guys for the comments. Come back.


TEAM HALL said...

OMG, that is tooo funny! Do you know how many times I kid my husband about taking him down with a pygmy blowdart?!?! lol Gotta get me one of those babies!

Mayberry said...

Team Hall, you made me snort beer on my keyboard.... Too funny!