Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Welcome to Code Name "Bullseye"

OK, I have started this blog for several reasons,

1. To share some of my interests.

2. To talk about some things that just make me mad.

3. To talk about my plans for an Off-Grid dwelling.

4. To share some product reviews.

5. To hopefully encourage others to think about the way we live and why.

6. And I will no doubt gripe about a lot of things that just piss me off.

So sit back and enjoy the journey, if nothing else it'll be fun. I will be posting about twice a week or so, so check back often and see what I'm thinking at the moment.

Stay tuned.


riverwalker said...

just got through staring at a full moon. It was almost directly overhead. Got me to thinking that it's a lot easier to see the shadows at night when the moon is full.


Bullseye said...

Riverwalker, that's almost poetic man. The indian's where aware of the same thing, planning many hunts a by the light of the moon. We can learn much from that. Being able to see without being seen...... you get the picture I'm sure.