Friday, November 14, 2008

An Intentional Community for Folks Like US!!!!

Been reading and thinking a lot about the idea of intentional communities over the last few days. There are all kinds of them out there. Just look at this list. Wouldn't it be nice to have one of our own?? It seems that you must have some intent when building these communities. Our intent could be to tell the government to kiss our ass. Full of good folks that want to be free, I'm not talking about one full of homo's, religious freaks, hippies or just plain 'ole freeloaders, but one with folks that use the 10 Commandments as the law of the land. We could all live together and leave each other alone at the same time. Each family with their own piece of ground that belongs to them, no fee's, taxes or regulations to chain them to a higher power. Where family's raise their own food, make the things they need or want, have our own power source, solar, micro-hydro or wind generators. We can make our own roads with our 4-wheel drives and atv's. Hunt for our meat, and fish the streams and rivers on OUR intentional community. Our Land !! We can finally declare our independence. Tell the gov. to stick their taxes and laws and rules straight up their poop chute. We could live free like God meant for us too, self sufficient and self reliant all the while watching out for our neighbors well being.

I'm thinking a big piece of land out west somewhere. A place with large fields for the deer and the antelope to play ya might say. Hell we might just go out and comadeer a whole damn state for it. If they resist, well just say they are blocking our pursuit of happiness. LOL

Just think about it, a whole community of preppers and homesteaders, hunters and fisherman, gardeners and seed savers. The kind of folk I like to have around me. Anyhow, just think about it.

All comments are welcome, good or bad. I want to hear from you so...reach out and touch me.

This is Bullseye......out !


John Wesley said...

Love the idea. I know people are living in communities, but I'm guessing it doesn't come about very easily. A friend of mine keeps a list of skills and attributes of friends he knows, just in case we're able to get together some day, but I frankly don't know what it would take for such a thing to come about. I'm sure there must be a dynamic leader involved--not a cult leader, obviously--and there must be a way of dealing with personality problems, etc. Necessity may drive more of us into it. I say, God bless those who can do it!


Amber said...

I love this idea and have thought about it many times. There are alot of things to consider when coming together with others in this type of community. My biggest concern is overestimating peoples willingness to commit for the long term. It might sound like a great idea when you sign on - but are you REALLY willing to do the hard work when TSHTF.