Saturday, August 13, 2011

I'm back with a VENGEANCE !!

I am re dedicating my self to this blog for several reasons.

1. Our economic situation is as bad as it gets. Hard times are ahead for many people in this world. Yes, the whole world. When the American dollar is worthless the rest of the worlds money will follow. We are headed down a dead end road and there is no turning back this time. It's too late.

2. The 2012 scare hasn't even begun to take shape yet, but you just watch, it will. As that date edges closer more and more people are going to panic (maybe for no reason). All I know is that a date has been set and that's all it takes for people to panic and panic they will. I have no idea if any thing major will happen or not but as long as people think that something will that very thought will fuel their fear. People will "make" something major happen on or near that date that will change our world I'm sure.

These are the 2 main reasons I am back here. Hopefully to share ideas with all of you and hear your input. There has never in history been a time when preparation has been more important in my opinion.

I will have a brand new post up tomorrow evening I promise. If any of my readers are still out there...I've missed you all and hope all is well. I have been fighting my own demons now for sometime and I am about to get the upper hand on them now.

This is Bullseye

OUT !!!


Felinae said...

Well, you know I'm still here. I had a feeling you'd be back here sooner or later, I never even removed you from the blog roll. :)

Welcome back, Bullseye, I look forward to reading your posts again.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back, amigo. You have been sorely missed.

HossBoss said...

Of course, you still have readers! We knew (and you knew) you couldn't stay away forever. Welcome back!

: )

Western Mass. Man said...

Welcome back Bullseye.
Hope all is well!

Crustyrusty said...

Still here, bro.

Craig Cavanaugh said...

Hey Bulls, long time no see! Glad yer back. Mayberry, by the way. I ditched the pseudonym because I want those DC cockroaches to know who I am, and I stand firm on what I say.

Anonymous said...

Welcomeback man!!!


Bullseye said...

Thank you all, it's good to be back in one piece. I've missed you.

Off Grid Survival said...

Welcome Back!