Thursday, September 17, 2009

On the air tonight with The Prepper Podcast

I"m on the podcast with Matt of the Kentucky Preppers Network. Come on over and take a listen.


TEAM HALL said...

Ohhhhhh I did have a listen...and I think you did great!!
Man we got all "worked up" at the sight of your bare chest...wait until they hear your accent!! Love it!!!

Felinae said...

Hey Bullseye,

I just finished listening and you did great!

I'm agreeing with TEAM HALL...Sweetie, that accent... that's right up with leather and Harley's for me ;D

You did just fine and it sounded real good. I liked the goat milking story. :)


SciFiChick said...

What a great job you did! I was expecting the accent and I sure got what I was expecting!

Bullseye said...

Thanks ladies, ya'll are great. Glad you enjoyed. And Team Hall...take a cold shower honey. LMAO !!!