Sunday, September 6, 2009

Getting the Fever for Buck Season and some Old Skills

Buck season or really just deer season in general has filled my mind these past few weeks. Seems I can think of nothing else. I am very excited about using my new CVA Wolf 50 cal inline muzzle loader for the first time. Muzzle loader hunting and shooting are all new to me and I have been doing all the reading and research I can and have fallen in love with it so far. I know that love will be even stronger when I take a deer.

I ordered a book from amazon that has taught me so much and made me really think about the importance of taking an animal. The book is titled " Primitive Technology II Ancestral Skills". In our lives today hunting is mostly done for sport and nothing more. The importance of taking an animal for food, clothing and tools is an idea and way of life that many have forgotten. This book re-teaches these skills, because what was once a way of life and a skill that was used daily has been lost to so many of us, myself included. I have really enjoyed learning all the "new to me" skills taught in this book and would recommend it to everyone that has an interest in learning these all important skills.

You may remember a few posts back I posted pics of the wonderful gift that was given me by my friend and fellow blogger and prepper, YeOldFurt. He send me some pants made by brain tanning the hide of an animal taken during hunting season. YeOldFurt also has a very good article that can be found here about how this process works.

If I am lucky enough to take a deer this season I will use it all to the best of my ability. I will brain tan the hide, use the bones to make some tools and will of course eat the meat. This is the way to honor the animal that gave its life that you may prosper. It has given its life that you may have food to eat, clothes to wear and tools with which to work with. Honor that animal for its sacrifice and you will be rewarded.

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This is Bullseye...OUT !!!


matthiasj said...

Good luck Bullseye. Let us know how it goes.

Kentucky Preppers Network

Felinae said...

Wow! Bullseye,

I hope you are able to take one down the first time you go out. That would be incredible.

I am impressed by the fact that you have studied up on how to properly hunt and use all the animal, so that nothing is wasted.

Somehow, in my weird way of thinking, that is a much better way to hunt rather than just to hang a head on the wall.

As for me, I am not sure I could shoot something that was so cute and looked like Bambi :)

I wish you all the luck in the world, my friend.


Bullseye said...

Thanks Matt.

Felinae, thank you so much. I have taken many deer in the past but this is my first attempt with a muzzle loader. I have really studied about how to use all the deer, like you said, it's the best way. I hope to learn many new skills this year and this is a great time to do so. Thank you so much for the visit.

TEAM HALL said...

Hey there Bullseye! I'm with Felinae - impressed as hell!! Shootin a Bambi would be hard too. A whackjob trespasser, well that's a different story! hehehe
I have a great recipe for jerky if you need some ideas on how to fix some of that deer meat.
Are you back with us now...or are you still working away from home?
You've been missed!

Bullseye said...

Team Hall, Bambi is gonna be in the freezer for sure, I love deer meat, even better than beef. I'll be hittin' ya up for the jerky recipe soon I hope.

Still working just not this week. I have 2 more jobs I think and then it's over I guess. I'm just helping out during the rush. I like the work OK and love the money....LOL Thanks for the visist, always good to hear from you.

YeOldFurt said...

Once you get blackpowder in the blood, it stays with you forever. I know!! Keep us posted on the hunt w/pics if you can.

Northwoods said...

Most of my hunting has been to off set food cost in raising 5 kidd's.
I've bagged many trophy bucks over the years but when the "Bambies" presented the first opportunity, it was food first and a trophy was secondary.
I've learned that "Bambies" should melt in your mouth and not in your!
And YES I've even made some small moccasins from their hides.
Get yourself good with that fire stick and you'll find where there's smoke there's Venison.
Good luck out there my friend!

Ken said...

...i believe it's primal,i get 'that feeling' 'bout this time of the year anyway...kill it! eat it !...every time i see a critter...

HermitJim said...

I remember reading an article...I think in "Fox Fire Books" that every animal had just enough brains in their body to tan their hide!

Guess that Mother Nature had it all figured out before hand, huh?

Good post. my man!

Did it MY way said...

Good luck Bullseye. Venison tastes best when you kill it and clean it. I need at least one a year to satisfy mt cravings. Button bucks taste like veal.
Keep us posted on how to use all the animal. Pics would help.

See Ya

scoutinlife said...

Good luck this season!Bulleye muzzleloaders are a great way to hunt whitetails and expand the season!

American Prepper said...

Awesome man, and Next year lets plan on an Elk Hunting Trip in Northern Idaho....Free Room and board too if you can come up.

erniesjourney said...

Good post Bull! I don't want to kill but will if need to when the time comes.

Bullseye said...

Thanks to all of you for your comments. I can hardly wait to smell that black powder. What ever it takes to keep us fed I will do it.

Anonymous said...

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