Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Back and Busy as usual

Been a while since I have been online and I have sure missed it too. I got a call Sunday night (Aug. 2nd) and was told that an old friend of mine had lost the battle with cancer. He was Mrs.Bullseyes cousin and a long time friend of mine and I was sad to see him go. I loaded up on Monday the 3rd and made the trip to West Virginia to pay my last respects and visit with family. We laid him to rest on Thursday and he will be missed by more than a few people. 56 years old and gone, as many, to cancer.

We came back home this past Saturday and some friends of ours followed us home to spend a few days. We had a really good time with them and was glad they came down. It's always good to be in the company of good friends.

After returning home on Saturday I got a call from a friend that lives close by that is in the flooring biz. He had a job that he wanted me to oversee that was an hour away from home. He is tied up with another job and needed someone to be there to make sure things gets done. Well, it's really farther away than I like to go, a little harder work than I like to do BUT the money is a lot more than I can turn down. So, I will be on this job for about 3 more weeks and will have little time on the computer. After a hard days work this old dog needs to rest. Can't work like I used to and then party all night, got to have rest. Early days that last well into the evening wear me down pretty fast.

I'll be trying to play catch up as best I can but don't look for too much out of me for sometime now. I worked yesterday and today and I'm beat. I'm just supposed to watch and make sure things get done but that's just not my style. If there's work to be done I want in on it. I can't stand to just watch people work, I have to help. So are the days of my life...

Talk to you all soon and take care.

This is Bullseye...OUT !!!


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear from you buddy. Can't turn down money in a time like this. Hope all is well.

Kentucky Preppers Network

TEAM HALL said...

56 is waaay too young! I'm really sorry to hear your news!

Oh and hurry back from your flooring gig...3 weeks is a long time to go without a Bullseye fix! lol

Take it easy, Bud!

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the reason for the absence. My condolences to the family and yourself. Glad you made it back in one piece. Even better that you have a such a job to come back to. Just do what you have to and keep us posted as you can.
We missed you, my friend.

Catman said...


Glad to see you home safe and sound. I am sorry for the loss of your friend.

Felinae said...


I am sorry on the loss of such a good friend.

Good to see you back though, you were missed.


Ken said...

...sayin' a couple extra prayers for you and yours Brother...work hard and rest easy...

...spend yer extra time catching up on the news too my friend...we're running out of time...

Bullseye said...

Matt, thanks buddy. Money is always in short supply when you have 3 girls. LOL

Team Hall, you are right dear, 56 is too young to die. Don't seem to matter to that damn cancer, it kicks ass and takes names. I'll be trying to get back as quick as I can. Thanks for stopping by and getting your fix. LOL

YOF, my dear friend, thank you so much. I will miss my old buddy now that he's gone but at least he is now longer in pain. Peace finally came his way. It's good to be working some, can always use the extra cash if ya know what I mean. Thanks a bunch buddy for the visit.

Catman, thank you Brother, it's good to be back for sure. Home is where I do best, always has been. Thanks a lot man.

Felinae, thank you my dear friend and hugs back at ya. You da best !!

Ken, my Brother, thanks fo the extra prayers, I can always use 'em. Working hard and sleeping well the last few nights. Also trying to keep my eye on the storm....it's getting closer by the day now. Stay safe and in touch. I'm here if ya need Brother, always know that.

HermitJim said...

Sorry about the loss of your friend...but I have to say I believe you are right about his at least not being in pain anymore!

Nice that you could get some extra work and even though it's far away, you gotta do what you gotta do...

Prayers and best thoughts are headed to you, my friend. Glad you'r back home safely!

erniesjourney said...

Bull - I still can't "read your blog" and can only try to surmise what your blog is about by reading the comments. So, I am going to assume that you lost a good friend to cancer and I want you to know that I am so very sorry. It is hard to lose a friend and good ones are hard to come by. Ernie sends Bull a "hug" through the net. Take care of yourself.

job - gone for 3 weeks?? Please keep tract of whats going on and watch yer 6!


Anonymous said...

It is not until those one days come when we really miss our loved ones. Maybe something you did together or something "they" would say.

Take it easy and remember your friend!