Monday, July 13, 2009

OK, here we go.

Like I mentioned in the last post I have been looking at some portable band mills the last few days. Here is a link with some pics if you are interested. I want one that will cut 2000 board feet of lumber a day, about 250 board feet per hour. I plan on cutting logs for people into boards or posts or maybe even some cabin logs. A few people around here do this and make pretty good money at it too. Most charge around 200 - 250 per 1000 board feet of lumber that they saw, some saw for half the lumber. All stay busy !! I need one that I can run all by myself if need be. I do have a friend that lives close by that says he would love to work with me on this if I can find the one I want at the price I want. I was hoping to find one for around 10 grand, looks like the one I need and want is closer to 20 grand tho. LOL I have to find someway to make some cash, good cash too. Everything I have touched the last few months has cost me $500 it seems, really. I have just about spent out. The next thing I fork out money for had damn well better be making me some money. My expenses are going up and my income is going down every day. It's getting real near crunch time, something has got to start making money around here or the party is going to come to a sudden stop real fast like.

No one else seems to think much about it, 500 here, a thousand adds up pretty damn quick like when it comes out of my pocket. We are on a cash basis here so there is none of that charge it stuff either, all right out of pocket. Time to start putting some back in ol dads pocket too or this well is going to go dry. I really think I can stay as busy as I want with a band mill, at least enough to easy the pain of those hands sticking out in front of me all the time. Now don't get me wrong, I love to give my kids the things they need and want but hey, it all costs money ya know and I'm the feller they look to. So, just got to get some more of that old nasty money I guess. Makes the world go round they tell me. Just makes me dizzy is all. LOL

Anyway, as soon as I land on something that can make me some coin I'll let ya'll know. Maybe some of you have had experience with a band mill and want to share your thoughts, I hope so. I'd love to hear from you if you do.

Well, I'm off to research some more of these band mills online. I have been to look at 5 of them here in the state the last few days and I think I know what I want and need to make this all work out. First, a bunch of money to buy a mill, second, some people with a bunch more money that want me to saw their logs and most of all, the energy and brains to get them all together at the same time.

I don't mean to lay all my troubles on you all, just want you to know that no matter who you are or how much you got, there never seems to be enough. I'm in the same boat too. I know what the problem is, we all just want to damn much stuff. I don't really want much but I want a hell of a lot for my girls and if that's wrong then just color me wrong.

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This is Bullseye...OUT !!!


Ken said...

...sorry Bro,only thing i know about them mills is what i've seen on the net...check into replacement blades too,also a blade welder for making/repairing yer steel,those bastards break at the most inopertune

...glad yer back Brother...keep us posted...

Bitmap said...

Good to see you back.

I don't know what is going on but suddenly the text on your blog is black just like the background. This is happening at home and at work using FireFox but it doesn't happen with Internet Explorer.

I guess it's off to the help site.

Northwoods said...

I've been think'n of getting a mill myself for all the reasons you mention. I belive there is or will be a market for such a service all over the country.
I'd love to hear your research on these gizmos!

Felinae said...

Hey, Bullseye,

I am having the same issue as Bitmap. All I am seeing is a black screen. I also use Firefox. I'll have to ask Catman if he knows what is going on.

Anyway, good to have you back.


Mayberry said...

If you can even THINK about layin' down ten grand cash, you ain't got troubles my friend. At the end of the month, I can't lay down ten bucks....

wvsanta said...

I will mention this to a good friend of mine and see if he can get up with you. He has had a woodmiser for many years now and is working it full time at the moment. He has cut up all my trees for my shop and is real good with it. Many little tricks to it believe me.
God Bless

Bullseye said...

Ken, thanks bro. Blades are about 25 to 50 bucks from what I have seen. Still checking this all out to see if it's something for sure that will make money, so far looks pretty good. Thanks man.

Bitmap, I have this same problem with many blogs for some reason. I have no problem when I use FireFox tho. Not sure what's up with all that. Thanks.

Northwoods, I'll try to keep you updated on that the mills. Guys get all the work they want around here so I like the sounds of it so far. Thanks buddy.

Felinae, not sure what's going on there either. I use IE most of the time but have no trouble when I use FireFox at all. I can never read Hermit Jims blog in IE, only FireFox seems to work for me there. Let me know what the Cat has to say about it. I know that's the kind of thing he can figure out for sure. LOL Thanks my cat lady.

Mayberry, LOL, buddy I have sold off just about everything around here just to come up with some cash. Just trying to make sure I put it to good use. Want to buy something with it that will make me some money for a change. 10K is a bunch of money for me too man, for damn sure but if I can make it make money I will spend it that way. Thanks buddy.

WVSanta, thanks so much. I worked with a guy that has a WoodMiser just the other day. He let me work with him for half the day just showing me how the mill works and a few tricks to make the work go fast and better. Be glad to hear from your friend and gald to know that he is getting plenty of work too. Thank a bunch to WV friends.

Bitmap said...

I didn't have the blackout problem with Firefox until 2 or 3 days ago. I'll have to get this problem solved.