Monday, June 1, 2009

We have a WINNER !!!!

The Giveaway for the NBC Survival Kit has a winner. First I want to thank all of you for entering and playing along and I hope that you all enjoyed it. I used this site to find our winner, I then entered the the numbers 1 - 131 and clicked generate. The number that came up was 31, Bitmap, you are the winner !! Just drop me an email with your address and your NBC Survival Kit will be on it's way. There was a late entry, number 132 that came in a little too late to be counted but I do thank you for your entry. The deadline was 12 midnight May 31st so I used the numbers 1-131 to generate our winning number.

Get your Survival Seeds Here.

Get your Survival Gear Here.

This is Bullseye...OUT !!!


TEAM HALL said...

Yay Bitmap!!!!

Bitmap said...

Thanks. I think I'll buy a lotto ticket this evening and see if I have any good luck left.

Email sent.

BTW have you got the part for your carbine and gotten in back in working order?

Angela said...

Congrats Bitmap!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Bitmap!

Kentucky Preppers Network

Felinae said...

Congrats Bitmap!


Humble wife said...

Bitmap YOU ROCK!!@!

I am very happy for you and had fun just reading your comments!!

Bullseye this was a great thing to do, and I thank you very much!
New Mexico Prepper!

American Prepper said...

awesome Bitmap, good job!

Catman said...

Congratulations, Bitmap!

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Cool giveaway, BrotherMan!
hope you had as much fun giving away your money as Bitmap will have taking it! HAR!

Love, Bro...

Bitmap said...

I just hope I never actually get the chance to use this.

I'm still thinking about that an organic fertilizer giveaway.

HermitJim said...

Way to go, is always a very good price!

I'd buy that lotto ticket, for sure!

Bullseye said...

Thanks to all and be watching for another giveaway very soon. LOL and yes Cygnus, I love to give money away. If I had more we would do a giveaway everyday man. Really, I would.