Saturday, June 13, 2009

Rokon - Pretty cool off road bike !

Here's a fun little toy to have around. I think I could make room for one of these at my place. LOL Check them out, you may find yourself wanting one too. Price is not too back either. Be sure to look at all the cool accessories you can get for this baby too. I like it.....a lot. Guess if I could get one I could call it a prep....what do you all think ??

Ok, now I'm going to go ride my 4 wheeler for a while.....may take the edge off a little.

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This is Bullseye...OUT !!!


Anonymous said...

I hate to burst your bubble.They quit making these in the mid/late 70's.They had a torque converter/automatic tranny,not really reliable.
If you look at the wheel's,they were used for water or spare fuel storage tank's,or if empty,it could float the bike!
As an off road biker.the suspension look's like garbage anyway! Good for waltzing thru the wood's,but not a desert bike.
Dean in az

Bullseye said...

Dean, no prob man, but they are still making them. There is even a dealer in eastern Kentucky now and several others. Not sure about all the problems you mention but I hope they have them worked out by now. On site us up to date as of 2008 so they are still selling them.
this is the link for the Ky dealer.

Ken said...

...hmmm,kinda cool...I would probably stick to a quad...never owned one,fourwheelers that is,i've owned a few dirt bikes comin' up,a couple YZs and an RM250...had one of the first YZ125s' with mono-shock !...damn...i think that was the '80 model...

Mayberry said...

They're great, as long as there's still gasoline available.... Me, I'd like a little diesel side-by-side. It'll run on peanut oil, veggie oil, kerosene.... In other words, it'll run long after the grid goes down.

Anonymous said...

They still make them? I remember seeing the ad's for them in popular mechanic's back in the 70's!
Ken: The big problem with a sweet dirt bike is that most of the older affordable one's are 2 stroke's.You need to carry premix for it,so 1 more thing to stock up on.And 2 stroke's have a shorter engine life,picky about altitude,go thru lotsa plug's,so on.I've ridden a few big 4 stroke's,never got the hang of them.
Mayberry:Never seen a diesel side by side bike.Sound's slow and heavy!
Dean in az

Ken said...

...sorry Deano,wasn't meaning i had one now...let alone use it/them as a type of BOV...yer right about pickiness of the ol'2-strokes tho...i guess i meant to say,if i had a quad,i probably wouldn't consider another ORV...unless it was a

Anonymous said...

Ken,I've never been big on quad's,since I rode bike's for so long,too many tire's to hit thing's! A bike would do better in rough terrain,but a quad can tow a trailer or put rack's on it.And it may be a decent garden tractor!
Dean in az

Catman said...

The cool factor is pretty high, Bullseye.

Anonymous said...

I finally got around to looking at the website....6000 for something with no shock's? I'd rather ride a horse! My butt wouldn't hurt as much!I'd rather get 6 of those cheap chinese pep boy's bike's! My race bike had 14 inche's of travel at each end,and was set up perfect..after 4 hour's,it hurt my butt!
Dean in az

erniesjourney said...

Yeah, justifying things like this - how does that work for ya?? Like I tell hubster - "keep trying..."
LOL! Nice try Bull!:) Seriously, I wish - looks fun!

Anonymous said...

Those Rokons look great for riding around the forest, but not sure how long those balloon tires would last in south Texas brush. Where the Kingdom of Thorns reign, EVERYTHING sticks, stabs or bites down here - would have to Slime those mofo tires down Big Time.

My wife had a 70's Yamaha on/off road bike (YR250?), that had sepArate oil container that was pumped into bike - kinda weird. So pre-mix was not required - just fill in and go.

For transportation, be okay, but frankly, I hate ORVs when I'm out in brush. My brother has several 4 wheelers, and two 3 wheelers so I'm basing off of that experience.

Can't hear a damn thing because of motor noise, can't see a damn thing 'cause you have to pay attention to the road, and you can't sneak by anything 'cause that motor noise precedes you by a mile - even in low crawling gear, you hear them from hundreds of yards away. Will move you really fast from point A to B though.

Give me the mountain bike. I know you still have to pay attention to road, but at least you can hear whats going on around you. No gas issues. No issues with will the thing start due to battery or other part deciding ain't going to play today.