Saturday, May 9, 2009

Tactical Upgrades for My Carbine

As I have mentioned and pictured before I have a Hi Point Arms 9mm carbine that I use for patrol and overall security here at my place. I love this carbine in every way, it's short enough to move around very easy, light enough that I can carry it all day and it was very inexpensive. (180.00 slightly used at the flea market - cash and carry) I would however like to make a few improvements to the rifle to make it even more useful. The first, and not really necessary, is an ATI Stock. I like the look and feel of this stock much better than the original. It is a tactical thumb hole sniper style stock and I love the way it looks. Also I have on order a laser sight that has a 500 yard range. It can, and will be, mounted into the ATI stock just under the barrel. Ordered them today and hope to have them in and on the rifle by the end of next week. I can't hardly wait. I will post pictures and a review as soon as I can get them. Sorry for not posting sooner, just been covered up with work here on the farm. Going to try to make my rounds and read all over your blogs over the next two days too. I miss reading all the blogs really bad.

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Ken said...

...those lil carbines are wonders for the price,my nephew bought one new around $200.00,hasn't been too long ago...they shoot great,easy to clean,better than minute-of-badguy accuracy...wish i woulda bought one when i had money...

...wanna sell it ?...jus kiddin'...

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Yer makin' me jealous, Bulls!

but.. not so much... When we needs group, and at long last 'duke' it out, I'll know where to be lent a ready 'fist"!!!


Half fun and Full Earnest, my man!

Hang tight; we miss ya, too.
KNOW that...

Anonymous said...

500yds from a 9mmm pistol rd? The UZI with A 19inch. barrel was good out to 200yds in the hands of A Fully Trained Riflemen. Most of the guys I've seen shooting them carbines were hard pressed to hit black at one hundred yrds. Everyone that I know that carries A 9mm as A duty weapon was taught to triple tap. Two in the chest, one in the head. If your gonna lug around that much weight,I'd carry one of them AR 15's that they convert into A pistol.

HermitJim said...

Sounds like as sweet little gun, my man. The price was certainly right for it!

You have a good one...

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:14, the red dot's visibility is rated at 500 yards, he wasn't talking about hitting targets at 500 yards.

Kentucky Preppers Network

Bullseye said...

Ken, it is a sweet little carbine buddy, I really like it. They are still pretty cheap even new and a good buy for the money if you ask me. Thanks my friend.

Cygnus, When it hits the fan I will always have a heater on hand for you my friend, count on it. Thank you my brother.

Anon 7:14 I'd like to think that both me and my carbine could hit a target that far away, but I know better. 500 yards is just the range of the laser, not my skill. Thank you for you comment.

Uncle Jim, thank you for the kind words. I can always count on you for them and I thank you.

Matt, thank you for making that point. Thanks brother.

Anonymous said...

I have a 9mm carbine as well and am surprised how reliable it is. My biggest complaints is the black, smooth stock - left in full Texas sun, your cheek will feel like a grilled cheese sandwich on the grill when pressed against it for sight picture. Just spray with PAM I guess, lol. But neat NEAT carbine.

That ATI stock does give it a better appearance - I wonder when the .45acp version will ever be done.