Sunday, May 3, 2009

Scope is mounted

I got the scope mounted on the Marlin 60 last night. Not got a chance to get it lined up yet but will give it a try when this rain stops. I did shoot some yesterday before the scope mount and it shoots great, real happy with it. The scope is real clear for a cheap scope, $20 for the scope is not bad at all. And if I bump it or drop it I haven't lost much that way. But as for now I am happy with the scope, cheap as it is. Check out the little squirrel on the grip, I just love that man. Every time I pick this thing up it takes me back to my childhood. I can remember carrying the old 22 and cleaning it late at night. Funny thing is that I can't really remember what ever happened to it. I don't remember having it when I left home even. Mom and Dad have no memory of it other than I do. Just hard to tell I guess. It may even be somewhere in Mom and Dads house for all we know. I have never really looked for it and neither have they. Oh well, at least I have this one and that's good enough for me. Just wanted to give you and update on the 22.

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This is Bullseye... OUT !!!



TEAM HALL said...

Holy cow!!! Your scope looks like a rocket launcher! lol
That's funny, I got my 22 back this weekend. One of Big Daddy's brothers had ummmm borrowed it for 2 years! Scoundrel! hehe
I've never used a much better is it?

Bitmap said...

That rifle looks good to me. I always liked the squirrel, too.

Shy Wolf said...

The Marlin "SQ" (for 'squirrel')is one of the more 'desireable' models for collectors, so you got a bargain as well as a fine rifle. Hang onto it.

Anonymous said...

Love the rifle Bullseye!

erniesjourney said...

Hot daddy!! Love it Bull! :)

Bullseye said...

Team Hall, The scope is not really as big as it looks, it's a 4 x 32 and does great. A must for the long shot for me, eyes aren't what they used to be. Glad you got your 22 back home. Thanks for the comment as always.

Bitmap, thanks, I really like it. I may evolve into a inexpensive Sniper,lol Thanks

Shy, that's great news buddy. Got a collector and a good rifle all in one. I'll keep a cloer eye on this one, it's not leaving. Thank ya much.

Matt, thanks buddy. I'll bring it on our very near future camping trip so you can shoot it too.

Big E, just knew you were gonna like this one. You're a gun nut too!! And you know I mean that in a GOOD way. lol Thanks for coming over.