Sunday, March 15, 2009

Winchester 37A .410 ga.

Had to go to ChinaMart the other day and picked up some more shells for my old Winchester 37A .410 ga. I got this gun for Christmas when I was 10 years old and it is still the love of my life. I'm sure some would say that it is not powerful enough to be of any value but, I have taken rabbits, squirrel and a few grouse over the years with this little shotgun. It will always have a place in my gun cabinet. You just can't put a price on things that were given to you by your father in my book. Plus for those that don't think it's a powerful gun....stand over there and hold this bullseye up in front of you.....that may change your minds.

I have noticed that you can still get these for a fair price on the used gun market, around $100.00 or less. Not a bad gun at all for the money. Quality shotgun for a fair price, think about a .410 if your in the market for a dependable cheap shotgun to shoot. I think the single shot gun makes me take better aim know that I have only one shot. Good clean kills every time. Just something to think about.

This is Bullseye...OUT !!!


Anonymous said...

.410 is good for what it is and is useful like all the other tools. I would not knock it. I do not own one, nor do I plan to own one.

You are also right about things from the family. My favorite is the firearms from my Grandpa.

Ken said...

...brought out my h&r .410 single shot just to look at,aint seen daylight in thanx you Bullseye...

Bullseye said...

Jennerswen, thanks for the comment and yes it's a useful tool that I just happen to already have. Want to make good use of it too. And plus, Daddy bought it for me.

Ken, glad to jog your memory about the H&R, I'm sure daylight will do it and you some good. Thank you brother.