Saturday, March 14, 2009

I think we're getting the Vibe

We (I) have been trying to downsize things here at our place. One thing we have done is sell the 09 HHR that we bought in October of last year, we were lucky enough to find a buyer and didn't loose too awful much on the sell. It's replacement may be this 04 Pontiac Vibe. Seems to be a great little car and they get around 36 MPH. After reading all the reviews we decided that this is a great dependable car, every review gave it great marks. Price is $6900 which is a lot better than the $23,000 I paid for the HHR. We will still have a really nice car and have some money too, I'm lovin that. Gonna drive it for the weekend and make sure it fits our needs, so far so good. I drove it to town this afternoon and I am really pleased with it and the rest of the family loves it too. If all goes well I will go back to the dealer on Monday and pay for it. It's looking like that will be the case.

I finally made everyone realize that we had just too much money tied up in these vehicles. I have a 97 Grand Cherokee that is the best vehicle I have ever owned and will be keeping it for many years to come, it's not going anywhere. My Jeep costs me around $40.00 a month for insurance, it's well worth the 40 to have a good dependable 4X4 that we call all ride in comfortably. The next on the list is our Van, it's an 05 Dodge Grand Caravan with all the bells and whistles, it may be up for sell soon too. Just no need to have 3 vehicles to insure and pay property tax on, fuel, maintenance and so on. Even when your cars are paid for they still cost you money just to own them. We are thinning down on this cost by getting rid on one new car and maybe our Van too. This still leaves us with 2 very dependable vehicles and puts some extra cash in our pockets. It just make too much sense not to do this for us. Time to tighten the belt some if you catch my Vibe.

Trying to be a little smarter with the funds that are available to us, it's long past due.

This is Bullseye...OUT !!!


Ken said...

...nice little ride Bullseye,have heard good things about them too,glad yer keeping it american...not that i 'dog' people for offshore cars or trucks...and they say it doesnt matter if you buy 'used' but !?...anyway,i've owned four Broncos,only cuz the old man worked at,and retired from,the michigan truck plant,in wayne michigan...home of the bronco,only place they were built...any full size Bronco you see on the road,my ol'man helped build dam trucks on the old horse is 13 this year,i'd still drive her anywhere...

Bullseye said...

Hey Ken, thanks brother. Not sure how American any of them are now days but I do know that Pontiac was once an American owned co. ya just never know anymore. Seems like a great little car, runs great and plenty of room, a good practical car. My dad had 2 of those big bronc's and he loved them. Best damn 4x4 he ever had, guess your dad added the quality that so many lack today.

My Jeep is 12 now and would drive it to the Moon and back and never even check the oil before I left. 212,000 miles and I have maybe spent $500.00 in repairs over the life of it so far, 4.0 runs like it did on day 1. Everything on it still works like new, gonna keep it til they put me down.