Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Home Gun Repair

Sometimes things just get forgot about around my place. I have had this FIE E15 22cal. for years now and I just pretty much forgot about having it. haha!! While cleaning out some boxes in the closet I happened to run across it the other day. Talk about a good surprise!!! The gun was in need of repair though. Other than the handles being cracked a little, the main spring was weak and in need of replacement. I talk about it like I know what I'm doing here but, I wasn't sure where to get one or how to replace it either. So, I hopped on to that evil Internet and done a search for the gun manufacture and the model #at this site. After just a few minutes I was able to find a complete breakdown of the gun with all parts listed and named. The first thing I did was to print this page for safe keeping, remember no grid= no net. Using this parts diagram, I proceeded to disassemble the gun to see if there were any other parts that needed to be replaced. Everything else looked good. So I ordered the main spring (the part that gives the hammer the spring tension to fire the firing pin). Total cost was about $15.00 shipping and all. Took a little time to put it all back together and glue the plastic handle back to a usable condition. They were out of the handle of course or I would have got it too, it was only 15.00. But it is back together and working great. The best I can remember, my dad gave me this gun probably 20 years ago. I think he took it in on a car trade maybe, he seen that there were a few problems with it and knew that I loved anything that he considered junk so he passed it on to me. Not too bad a little gun though, especially for the 15 bucks I have in it. These guns sell for around $125-150 around here. Shoots 22 long rifle. Nice little gun to have around when the shit hits the fan. Just to let the readers know that you can repair your own gun with a little time and research. It also helps I guess when you have nothing to loose either. lol

With the 4 inch barrel and the buffalo on the grip, I feel like a cowboy. hehehe!!!!
This is Bullseye.........Out !!!!!!!!!

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